Mobile Radio

art project by Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann

PRAGUE April – May 2016

May 1, 2016 by Mobile Radio

The invitation for a short residency by the Agosto Foundation culminated in a feedback workshop and a Tonic Train performance at their vs. Interpretation festival. We used this generous invitation to experience almost all of the multifarious events that the 5-day-festival programme offered. The videos below documents only a fraction of the concerts, talks, performances, installations, theatre plays and locations that were unlocked for the audience in Prague, plus a rare interview with Sarah. What a great festival!

VIENNA January 2016

January 17, 2016 by Mobile Radio

On 17th of January many radio stations in Europe celebrate Art’s Birthday. In 2016 Kunstradio invited an illustrious group of performers to their beautiful old broadcast hall to celebrate the occasion. Mobile Radio took part in Vienna for the second time after 2007. The videos below show excerpts of performances by Anna Friz, Ralf Wendt and us, who continued with an improvised quartet just before midnight that was shared via EBU satellite with a dozen other participating radio stations. Together with ORF producer Elisabeth Zimmermann this also meant that all five curators of the forthcoming International Radio Art Festival Radio Revolten could get together to plan the giant event ahead.