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Radio As Art – conference live stream

Here you can listen live to the Radio As Art conference proceedings from Bremen, Germany. The stream will be active from 4pm on Thursday 5th June until 5:30pm Saturday 7th June. The programme (see below) will cover all conference talks as well as chats, interviews and radio art examples and is rounded off by two long nights of radio art, courtesy of Radia and Kunstradio.

To tune in either press PLAY below, or click here to open the stream in your favourite audio player.

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Thursday, 5th June, all times are CEST

16:00 Welcome and Introduction: Anne Thurmann-Jajes, Maria Peters and Ursula Frohne
17:00 Keynote Lecture by Hank Bull (Vancouver) – The Reception of Electricity

19:00 Long Night of Radia (click to view programme)

Friday, 6th June

10:00 Session 1: Radio Space hosted by Maria Peters (Bremen)
10:15 Sarah Rothe (Bremen) – The Museum as an Agent of Radio Art
10:45 Anna Friz (Montreal/Berlin) – The Wireless Experience of Distance
11:45 Colin Black (Sydney) – The Media Environment as an Exhibition Space for Creative Sound Based Works
12:15 Ralf Homann (Berlin) – Radio Picnic (Bremen Version) – A Sonic Sculpture

14:15 Session 2: Radio Art: Artistic Production and/or Political Practice hosted by Anne Thurmann-Jajes (Bremen)
14:30 Philip Glahn (Philadelphia) – The Radio and/as Digital Productivism
15:00 Claudia Wegener / Continental Drift (Cologne) – Everyone a Listener – Everyone a Producer!:
A Collective Journey towards Another Sound of “Radio”
16:00 Franziska Rauh (Bremen) – Radio Art as Strategy “in Our Everyday Hand-to-Hand Struggle with Apparatuses?”
16:30 Carolyn Birdsall (Amsterdam) – Radio Art, Technology, and the Sound Archive

19:30 Session 3: Institutional Framing and Agency hosted by Andreas Hagelüken (Berlin)
Anna Ramos (Barcelona) – DIY Radio
Sibylle Omlin (Sierre) – Radio as Research Medium for Artistic and Oral History Based Research Projects
Sarah Washington (Ürzig) – Community Radio as Post-Capitalist Art
Heidi Grundmann (Vienna) – Even Radio Is Not What It Used to Be
20:45 Panel Discussion: Regine Beyer (Bremen), Nathalie Singer (Weimar), Elisabeth Zimmermann (Vienna)

21:30 Long Night of Kunstradio (click to view programme)

Saturday, 7th June

10:15 Session 4: Radio Art as Action hostted by Ursula Frohne (Cologne)
10:30 Roksana Filipowska (Philadelphia) – In Simulcast: Archigram and Radio Piracy in 1960s Britain
11:00 Kai van Eikels (Berlin) – The Radio Voice That’s Telling Me to Go for the Throat of the Other: Three Lessons from LIGNA’s “Oedipus, Tyrant”
12:00 Jee-Hae Kim (Cologne) – To Link, To Greet, To Dance, … To Radioart
12:30 Biroul de Cercetari Melodramatice // The Bureau of Melodramatic Research (Irina Gheorghe and Alina Popa, Bucharest) – Radio Prolife and the Invisibility of Dissimulation

14:15 Session 5: Words–Sound–Music hosted by Regine Beyer (Bremen)
14:30 Lauren Rosati (New York) – John Cage’s “Cinema for the Ear”
15:00 Ania Mauruschat (Basel) – Hörspiel-Pop, Radio Opera, Media Art: On the Transgression of the Radiophonic Space and the Re-Invention of Artistic Genres in the Hörspiel Oeuvre of Andreas Ammer, FM Einheit, and Console
16:00 Vito Pinto (Berlin) – Voices, Spaces, and Sounds: The Perception of Audio Walks Based on Radio Aporee
16:30 Anne Thurmann-Jajes (Bremen) – Dead Spot in Art History

17:00 Concluding Remarks