Broadcast archive

A selection of full length Mobile Radio broadcasts

The Principle of Yeast, live broadcast from Raven Row gallery in London on Resonance104.4fm, 17th July 2011

100 Words per Metre, broadcast on ORF Kunstradio, 31st October 2010, and WDR 3 Open, 14th January 2011

Endangered Radio Band, broadcast performance at Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, 18th December 2009, here edited for the Radia network

Morsonata, live broadcast from F.O.N festival in Barrow on Resonance104.4fm, 23rd October 2009

Lee de Forest night loops, nine nights of live broadcast from AV08 festival in Newcastle on three radio stations, 28th February – 8th March 2008, here edited for the Radia network

Fire works!, broadcast on Radio Kinesonus, 17th January 2008

Pissed off Panda, broadcast on Berlin Backyardradio, November 2007

Hearing in Tongues, eight-part series for Tate Modern, broadcast on Resonance104.4fm, October – November 2007

KlangLangWelle, broadcast on Resonance104.4fm, 30th October 2006

Crosstalk, 4-channel live broadcast from RadioRevolten festival in Halle on Radio Corax, 14th October 2006, here edited for the Radia network