STOCKHOLM September 2013

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After our productive workshop at Konsthall C in May we returned with the idea to create a 24 hour radio art festival on two FM frequencies. Called Dubbelradio, it was probably the first such festival in the world.
The four-channel audio works that were performed and broadcast are hard to document, so we have made a video to show the scope of the project. Click here to watch it in HD. Listening will be greatly enhanced on headphones or decent speakers.

Dubbelradio logo by Hanna Stenman

STOCKHOLM May – June 2013

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We were invited by the artist group akcg to give a radio workshop at the artspace Konsthall C in a suburb of Stockholm

The idea was to offer practical skills and give some inspiration by showing an overview of radio art projects we have encountered and been involved with. The workshop ran over the course of a week and participants were an engaged group of local artists and political activists. One pair of artists wired up their dog with binaural microphones to create a canine sound exploration of the surrounding area. The workshop was designed to culminate in a two-hour live broadcast from Konsthall C on the largest community radio station in Stockholm

Alex Nowitz

The live broadcast from Konsthall C was the first radio show of the newly formed Centrifug Radio Populär. The name of the project reflects the other use of the building that Konsthall C shares – it is a working laundry for the neighbouring blocks of flats. We will return in September to carry out part two of the workshop

Tonic Train

Knut Aufermann
Johannes Bergmark
Sören Runolf

While we were in Stockholm we were able to take part in a few other events. We gave a concert at Fylkingen, which consisted of two duos and a quartet: Tonic Train & Fåglar av glas (Johannes Bergmark & Sören Runolf). Photos: akcg

We also managed to visit the famous Electronic Music Studio in the same building

City of Drizzle

Another reason for the timing of our visit was to take part in the launch of the latest OEI magazine. The edition includes a CD from Mobile Radio of a piece we made in São Paulo for Kunstradio. We were happy to help Cecilia and Jonas glue in the CDs to the cover. The piece is entitled City of Drizzle and reflects some of our experiences of working in Brazil:

Launch of OEI Magazine at Moderna Museet with an extended DJ set. Photo: akcg

We also gave an artist talk about Mobile Radio BSP at IASPIS together with OEI. Photos: akcg