ROTTERDAM March 2015

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The Mobile Radio Band arrived in Rotterdam just in time to perform at the excellent Vrooom concert series organised by our pal Lukas Simonis.

Soundcheck at 'Het Klooster', a former monastery chapel

Soundcheck at ‘Het Klooster’, a former monastery chapel

ROTTERDAM January 2014

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Armeno Alberts had been holding up the flag for radio art on Dutch national radio for many years. On Art’s Birthday in 2014 we mourned the loss of his show Cafe Sonore and at the same time celebrated his release from the fangs of public radio with an interview on stage at WORM in Rotterdam.

The next day Lukas Simonis invited fellow Art’s Birthday guests Joyce Hinterding and David Haines as well as Henk Bakker and Knut to his studio for a recording session. An excerpt from it found its way into the ether as Radia show 467:

All photos: David Haines


June 8, 2010 by Mobile Radio | Comments Off on ROTTERDAM June 2010

We were invited to the electronic music studio at WORM to prepare material for a radio play to be broadcast on the Dutch national radio channel VPRO

The magnificent ARP

Our piece entitled ‘duration unknown’ was made for the show Cafe Sonore. The finished work involves direct intervention from the radio broadcaster who is required to announce during playback that due to time pressure they must skip through a long ‘boring’ section in the middle. The presenter must then hit the fast forward button on the CD player, until they reach the correct amount of time remaining for their radio show

All the electronics were recorded on the array of analogue synths at WORM, interconnected to some of our instruments and radio or open mic feedback set-ups. We recorded the voiceover in Ürzig. The piece, concerning the uncertainties of modern day car use, unfolds rather more as an unfinished philosophical journey than a physical one. It was conceived as a response to the Kraftwerk song ‘Autobahn’ in relationship to the building of an out-of-time and -place motorway bridge over the Mosel valley near Ürzig in Germany