VIENNA January 2016

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On 17th of January many radio stations in Europe celebrate Art’s Birthday. In 2016 Kunstradio invited an illustrious group of performers to their beautiful old broadcast hall to celebrate the occasion. Mobile Radio took part in Vienna for the second time after 2007. The videos below show excerpts of performances by Anna Friz, Ralf Wendt and us, who continued with an improvised quartet just before midnight that was shared via EBU satellite with a dozen other participating radio stations. Together with ORF producer Elisabeth Zimmermann this also meant that all five curators of the forthcoming International Radio Art Festival Radio Revolten could get together to plan the giant event ahead.

ÜRZIG/VIENNA November 2015

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The Canadian artist Robert Adrian passed away on 7th September 2015, aged 80. ORF Kunstradio, with which he had a long lasting and influential relationship, organised a memorial broadcast with many prerecorded and live contributions by friends and colleagues of Robert Adrian under the auspices of We provided a live stream that could be used as a back-drop for other artists’ contributions.


The live stream instruments in a ‘X’ layout

VIENNA February 2013

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Our trip to Vienna began with a Tonic Train concert (watch) as part of the Stupid Third Wednesday concert series at the Rhiz.


The reason for our travel was an invitation by Marold Langer-Philippsen to join him for part 8 of his Paradise Lost series for Kunstradio. Here we got our first chance to use the fantastic ORF radio studio for a live broadcast. We got so completely lost in our radiophonic world that we missed the end of the show…

VIENNA January 2007

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On return to Vienna we prepared for Kunstradio’s Art’s Birthday Party

Tonic Train performed on four micro fm transmitters and a group of friends performed the sound using small portable radios. Many thanks to Billy, Dieter, Eva, Barbara, Ernst, Sylvia, Tim and Angelica

VIENNA January 2007

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We travelled to Vienna to support our favourite music portal and server host: and dieb13

The stage of the Vienna party had to be laid out in depth to accomodate all 14 acts

First band on was the excellent laptop duo Silly

Silly screen shot from Sylvia’s laptop

VIENNA September 2006

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We represent Resonance104.4fm at the Media-Space-Society conference in Vienna hosted by Radio Orange, which is the closing event of the Europe-wide radio art project radio.territories. Attended by fellow organizers and guests from many countires, there ensures a jolly celebration which includes talks, presentations, discussions and live sound and music. As part of the event we play a Tonic Train concert

14th – 17th September 2006 at Fluc in Vienna. Most of the participants are members of the radio art network Radia, who hold a meeting here to discuss future plans

VIENNA March 2006

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We stayed a few days in Vienna with our friends Billy and Dieter to play a concert and do some recording for a project with Billy.

Tonic Train concert at Raum 35, the former institute for transacoustic research.