ÜRZIG/PARIS January 2021

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What better way to start a new year, however unpromising it might feel, than by bringing together good friends for an online live performance for Le Placard and ∏node. Enter The World Fuse (Felix, Xentos, Sarah & Knut):

ÜRZIG/LEIPZIG December 2020

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Radio performance for Anybody out there?! 100 Jahre Radio in Deutschland at D21 Gallery in Leipzig on 20.12.20

For her contribution to the closing of the festival, Sarah invited a host of superlative radio collaborators to assist in the celebration of the end of radio as we know it, by taking part in a chaos ritual designed to banish all broadcasts which have ever taken place so far and thus make way for a new ear-a of radio to emerge.

Participants included:
Jasmina Al-Qaisi on wails
Tina Klatte on interviews
Ralf Wendt on concepts
Xentos Fray Bentos on fingers
Felix Kubin on electro-voice
Knut Aufermann on disruption
Sarah Washington on cut-ups

The live interviewees were:
Hardi Kurda, Lukas Holfeld, Marold Langer-Philippsen, Ernst Marcus Stein, Claire Serres, Julia Drouhin, and Gabi Schaffner
The show also featured a host of voices reanimated from the six weeks of festival broadcasts, with a little P-noodling thrown in for good measure

This Mobile Radio production gives thanks to all the contributors, D21 for the invitation and ∏-node for the streams… MERRY NEW RADIO!

ÜRZIG/TOKYO March 2020

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De-Distancing with Tetsuo Kogawa

We first combined our sonic palettes with fellow radio art practitioner Tetsuo Kogawa in 2005. Since then we have joined forces on a dozen occasions, often by combining sounds streamed in from our respective homes on different continents. This translocal practice comes to the fore now in times of Corona virus isolation. Responding to a call from Paris based experimental radio network π-node Tetsuo, Sarah and Knut collapsed time and space between the metropolis of Tokyo and the village of Ürzig for the listeners of a flock of radio stations including π-node (Paris, Mulhouse), Resonance Extra (Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, London, Norwich), Soundart Radio (Totnes) and WGXC (New York’s Upper Hudson Valley) who made available the archive recording below.

Mobile Radio table of instruments

Tetsuo Kogawa’s setup in Tokyo

ÜRZIG/VIENNA November 2015

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The Canadian artist Robert Adrian passed away on 7th September 2015, aged 80. ORF Kunstradio, with which he had a long lasting and influential relationship, organised a memorial broadcast with many prerecorded and live contributions by friends and colleagues of Robert Adrian under the auspices of alien.productions. We provided a live stream that could be used as a back-drop for other artists’ contributions.


The live stream instruments in a ‘X’ layout

ÜRZIG June 2014

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Mobile Radio teamed up with Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos for an improvised radio play broadcast from a white bench high up in our local red slate vineyard, the Ürziger Würzgarten. Being off-grid meant that everything was battery operated and wireless, using the 3G network to beam our stream to our host radio station: Soundart Radio in Totnes, UK. The performance itself was old-school, everything had to be done live in front of a single stereo microphone. Foley instruments included various types of slate, plastic bottles, sticks, circuit bent instruments, iPhone sample app, crows, military aircraft, thumb piano, fm tx and rx feedback, percussion instruments, live air band radio, paper etc.

setting up at the white bench (photo by Xentos)

in performance high above the river Mosel...

...following an unknown script... (photo by Xentos)

...until dusk. (photo by Xentos)


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Fellow radio artist Marold Langer-Philippsen invited Roberto Paci Dalò in Rimini and us in Ürzig to provide live input via webstream to his performance “jamming radio” at the EBU Ars Acustica meeting in Geneva. Our audio streams were source material for his mix that was taking cues from 100 years of radio history. It took some time to get it all working technically so we were happy to be offered another chance a few days later to collaborate using the same setup for Marold’s show Hörmaschine on Berlin’s Reboot FM.


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RadiaLx: Pancake Live Transmission
Every two years Rádio Zero in Lisbon hold the radio art festival RadiaLx. Knut loves to make pancakes, so along with Ricardo Reis we decided to cook them simultaneously in Lisbon and Ürzig for a live festival ‘duocast’. For this stereo broadcast, one location could be heard on the left channel and the other on the right

Pancake Live Transmission set-up in Ürzig

Pancake Live Transmission set-up in Lisbon, using binaural headphone microphones

Pancake chat with our guest in Ürzig, Susanne Schug. In both locations we were blessed with an array of home-made preserves

ÜRZIG January 2010

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Art’s Birthday 2010

Mobile Radio joins the annual Art’s Birthday celebrations with ‘I am waiting in a room (with Blumlein)’, a remote inhabited echo chamber

Keeping track of live audio streams

The radio mics in MS mode

ÜRZIG/TOKYO December 2009

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Seminar at Kenzai University

We joined up again with Tetsuo Kogawa over the internet to give a radio circuit-bending seminar for his students. We wanted to make a closer connection with them by sharing some wine from the vineyard behind our house, but it could not be easily sourced in Tokyo. Instead we shared mandarin oranges, and introduced the Japanese to the concept of advent calendars – to much interest as ours had marzipan chocolate inside it. Where did it come from, who put it in the calendar? Tetsuo wanted to know

ÜRZIG October 2009

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We did a wine tasting simultaneously in Germany, France. From Ürzig we tasted and chatted about wine and cheese with Dinah Bird and Jean-Phillipe Renoult in Paris, while we waited for the Lisbon crew who couldn’t reach the festival in time. The recording was broadcast at the Future Places Festival in Porto

ÜRZIG January 2009

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Art’s Birthday

We join in with the multi-node streaming to Kunstradio in Vienna from our base in Ürzig, as part of their annual Arts Birthday event

Knut tweaks his self-organising feedback installation