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RadiaLx: Pancake Live Transmission
Every two years Rádio Zero in Lisbon hold the radio art festival RadiaLx. Knut loves to make pancakes, so along with Ricardo Reis we decided to cook them simultaneously in Lisbon and Ürzig for a live festival ‘duocast’. For this stereo broadcast, one location could be heard on the left channel and the other on the right

Pancake Live Transmission set-up in Ürzig

Pancake Live Transmission set-up in Lisbon, using binaural headphone microphones

Pancake chat with our guest in Ürzig, Susanne Schug. In both locations we were blessed with an array of home-made preserves

LISBON September 2008

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We set off for the Radia meeting and radio festival in Lisbon – RadiaLx 2008 International Radio Art Festival. We also do a Tonic Train performance and present the results of our Mobile Radio adventures at the Goethe-Institut

We step off the train to be placed directly on air at Radio Zero

As the other participants dribble in there is a late-night madcap broadcast from the home of Ricardo Reis (in white)

Much fun is had by utilizing everything we can lay our hands on to make radio. The collective spirit is strong

An important aspect of this get-together is a meeting of the radio art network Radia. The rest of the festival programme was jam-packed with action for a week, so we needed a chart to remind us where we were supposed to be!

Several performances, discussions and debates take place at the Goethe-Institut. Tetsuo Kogawa gives his radio transmitter building performance

The next outside broadcast is done on a ferry crossing the river Tagus, on our way to a sardine lunch

Ah Lisbon! Plenty of time and perfect weather for a broadcast picnic. Here Paulo Raposo chats to (L-R) João c Pinto, Jay Needham and Patrick McGinley

Two nights of performances were held at Fábrica Braço de Prata. Top: Mike Cooper’s live radio play, right: Anna Friz and her multi-transmission performance. Bottom: In the secluded garden of the Goethe-Institut a screening of the film Ich möchte kein Mann sein with sound effects from Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos and live narration by Alexandra Varela from a text by herself and Ricardo Reis

There are many performances during the festival. Here Sarah and Ricardo join in the Radio Game devised by Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos. Many radios come to a sudden end due to a combination of lousy luck and lousy sporting skills

We can’t leave Portugal without….. a day at the beach


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Mobile Radio in Lisbon. We came here for a week-long Radia meeting – a network of like-minded independent radios from across Europe. One of the extracurricular events hosted by Radio Zero was a concert at ZDB, at which we played as Tonic Train vs Xentos. We were not in a hurry to leave Lisbon, luckily we had a few weeks before our next project.

Spot the alien. Warming up with Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos

Tetsuo Kogawa asked us to give a live lecture via the internet to Tokyo Keizai University, which we decided to do as live radio show from the studio of Radio Zero in Lisbon. The combination of show and internet lecture wasn’t entirely successful due to technical hitches, Knut had to type the lecture in real time due to the voice connection failing, while I tried with slim success to keep the radio show alive….

However, the students in Tokyo much appreciated our live Tonic Train performance

We did another Tonic Train perfromance at a house concert for the radio rocket scientist Ricardo Reis. His unsuspecting friends proved to be enthusiastic about the strange visitors

Catharina keeps a smile on his face. A warm thanks to our marvelous host – the real Ricardo Reis