BADEN December 2005

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We spend christmas in the Swiss spa town of Baden, complete with a visit to the thermal baths and listening to late night bells ringing

Listen to

A stroll up the local hill ended in an icy world.

MARSEILLE December 2005

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Whilst taking part in the Engrenages Festival of Radio Grenouille in Marseille we heard the news that Resonance FM has been given a 5-year-licence to broadcast. Everybody is delighted.

Sarah and Knut with Tetsuo Kogawa and Jacques Foschia (foreground) , live at DATA in Marseille on the 18th Dec 05

ZURICH December 2005

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We took a much needed break on the way to the next project in Marseille. This gave us a chance to chew over a few ideas with one of our close musical allies, and to think about the future.

Meeting with Responge friend Anselm Caminada, and Theres Jörger

Leaving too soon, but we’ll be back in Switzerland for Christmas and New Year.

BREMEN December 2005

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Mobile Radio presented a Sonic Art Container at the Profile Intermedia Conference. Together with Simon Lucas and Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos we gave 31 two-minute-long sound and image performances in the form of personality ‘readings’, which were documented as unique DVDs for each participant.

Wired for sound in our space – a chilly metal sea container.

Working hard on creating 31 individualized DVDs.

Menu image from the sampler DVD which we produced as final documentation.

BERLIN November 2005

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Sarah was the ‘recycler’ for the Polish-German art radio project Radio_Copernicus which broadcast in Berlin throughout November on 95.2 MHz. This involved making 12 one hour radio shows in two weeks. Crazy.

This is the staircase at the University of the Arts in Berlin, where we recorded a version of Alvin Lucier’s ‘I am sitting in a room’. We called it ‘Recyling a Radio Station’ and it was broadcast on Radio Copernicus on 20th November 2005 at 4pm Central European time.

A view of Karl-Marx-Allee from our Berlin flat.

The frequency we broadcast on in Berlin.

Two of our special guests on air: Axel Dörner and Alex Nowitz.

BUDAPEST October 2005

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Participation in the start-up meeting of the EU-funded radio.territories project in Budapest. Then we took part in the Sonic Tags project organized by Tilos Radio, where we built radio transmitters and placed them around the city to form a microradio sound walk. For our transmission we used electrical sounds recorded on a tour of the Hungarian Electronic Museum. We also made a sound installation inside the AKKU building.

Here are the thorny bushes outside the new transformer station where our transmitter was situated overnight.

MUNICH October 2005

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Stop-over with friends on the way to Budapest. We listen back to some great music we previously recorded with Gunter Pretzel and Michael Feller.

AMSTERDAM September 2005

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First Mobile Radio outside broadcast on Resonance104.4fm live from Amsterdam – This inaugural Big Mouth Radio Beam, dreamed up by Felix Kubin, was one of the outcomes of the DAI workshop.

Before….and after the show

ENSCHEDE September 2005

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Mobile Radio workshop in collaboration with Felix Kubin and Saker Scheerder for MA students at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI). This project was the first utterance of BIMRAB, the Big Mouth Radio Beam, bringing an artistic perspective of the human condition to aliens everywhere.

Sonia and Ruth, two DAI students are having fun in the improvised recoding studio we set up.

During the intensive preparation period for the students’ show in Amsterdam, we find time for an impromptu Tonic Train concert.

LONDON September 2005

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This is where we were living up until the 18th September 2005 when we set off on our big adventure. We were glad to leave the big city life, or at least exchange it for places new. From this point on we are living an itinerant existence, moving from project to project and friend to friend.