PRAGUE July 2018

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A Tonic Train concert for the opening of an exhibition by Julien Maire and Robert Vlasák at GAMU gallery was the first public appearance during our summer residency with the Agosto Foundation. Further concerts during trips to Pardubice and Sokolowkso followed.

The main cimmitment during the two-month residency was Sarah’s Collective Dreaming project which warrants its own, still developing page on our website here.

PRAGUE April – May 2016

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The invitation for a short residency by the Agosto Foundation culminated in a feedback workshop and a Tonic Train performance at their vs. Interpretation festival. We used this generous invitation to experience almost all of the multifarious events that the 5-day-festival programme offered. The videos below documents only a fraction of the concerts, talks, performances, installations, theatre plays and locations that were unlocked for the audience in Prague, plus a rare interview with Sarah. What a great festival!

PRAGUE February 2007

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We were invited to Prague to perform a concert and take part in a discussion at Radio Lemurie’s Radio Tombola, and to do a sound installation for the hear2hear exhibition curated by Pavel Sterec of radio transmitter art

Knut’s installation caused problems for everyone else – for technical reasons the feedback bled into all the other installations. It could only be activated at your peril!

There was an evening of live broadcast by Lemurie, beginning with a discussion on the state of Czech radio today

We finally met our biggest fan. Photo by Echo Ho

Echo and Hannes perform as earweego

At the end of the concert we played in an ad hoc quartet with Echo and Hannes. It turned out to be the best part of the concert. Photo by John Grzinich

The fantastic prizes in the radio tombola, compete with a whole host of ancient electronic parts donated by Stanley ‘The Robot Man’

PRAGUE March 2006

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With only a few days left in Prague we finalize the design of a new circuit-bent instrument and spend a day with Lloyd and Kaoru in the beautiful surroundings of Prague.

The unfinished and yet unnamed new instrument.

Stream near Srbsko.

PRAGUE February 2006

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Back in Prague we collaborated with the Tape-Beatles, Martin Blazicek, Ondrej Vavrecka, Patricia Guerreiro, Milos Vojtechovsky and Pavel Sterec in an evening filling performance at the Skolska 28 gallery.

Still from a premiered Tape Beatles film.

PRAGUE January 2006

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We have arrived in Prague to begin our two month residency at the Open
in Dolni Pocernice. It took us a couple of days to catch up with
ourselves, after a lengthy yet fantastic journey through the alps. Now we can
take it all in Prague is inviting, enigmatic and energetic (in a slow way).
We have already been hunting for old and new electronics at the flea market,
and are beginning work on some new instruments. What a joy to have a big studio
room to work and live in.

Eating outdoors at minus 2 degrees – Flea market Prague style!

Our visits to the fleamarket were successful. The bending can begin…

As part of the January 2006 Arts Birthday Party events in Prague we played in our duo Tonic Train, and had the opportunity to collaborate with the Tape Beatles and Martin Blazicek on a sound and image performance. Along with telephone contributions from Jonathan Bohman in London and Svea Reiners in Germany we also took part the collaborative radio presentation Places/Anagram, an improvised radio play based on a game, which was streamed on Lemurie. In total there were 5 days of events, the highlight of which was the Mini Radio Burza Radiophonic Potlach which featured a fantastic programme of performances put together by Orange 94.0 in Vienna and Milos Vojtichovsky in Prague as part of the Radia network’s radio.territories project. Another great performance was made by z.b.: … , an all-singing all-dancing sound art act from Vienna. Details of the above events and performers can be found in the Arts Birthday Party programme.

Tonic Train meet the Tape Beatles

Listen to

Listen to

z.b.: in full swing