WARSAW November 2017

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A talk by Knut about radio art for the Goethe-Institut in Warsaw, as part of their Auf Sendung! series. This would turn out to be one of the crystallisation points for the international sound and radio art project Ortsgespräche.


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Participants of the Social Dreaming Climate Change

Sixteen artists, activists, scientists and researchers from the Climate Psychology Alliance were brought together by Cape Farewell to be led in a research method called the Social Dreaming Matrix. After contemplating powerful climate-based artworks they undertook a shared exploration of dreams, aiming to illuminate the cultural unconscious of climate change.

One Thought Fills Immensity is the resulting audio work by Sarah and exposes some of the resulting subliminal themes relevant to us in the era of climate change. It was a joint commission by Cape Farewell and Kunstradio, produced for broadcast on ORF Kunstradio and the Radia network, transmitted on 30 radio stations around the world.

Eight different versions of the work were produced for specific radio stations, each featuring a remix of one section (and reordering of the segments) in a sequence of broadcasts across the world – until the final version where the gradual remix is finally complete (and the segments revert back to the original order).

KASSEL September 2017

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A last minute visit to Kassel’s documenta 14 exhibtion was coupled with a performance at Anton Kats’ Narrowcast House, using its small scale transmitter and selection of radio receivers as a sound system:

DARTINGTON September 2017

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Sarah’s visit to Soundart Radio ended in a live broadcast that included local recordings of bats, slowed down pop music and a beginners’ lesson of how to play the ukulele with Lucinda Guy.

OBERBILLIG September 2017

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Lucky Punch was a transnational strolling concert where the audience walked from event to event which were located in Wasserbillig and Oberbillig, including the border-crossing ferry across the river Mosel that runs between Germany and Luxembourg. Knut’s duo with pianist and accordionist Theo van der Poel took place on the German side in the private gallery Contemperaneum.

BERLIN/KASSEL June – July 2017

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Design: Laurenz Brunner

For the documenta 14 radio programme Every Time A Ear di Soun, from 17th June – 8th July 2017, Mobile Radio produced 41 shows and two installations at SAVVY gallery in Berlin. The shows were broadcast on FM 103.0 MHz in Berlin, FM 90.4 MHz in Kassel and online, as well as intermittedly via short wave on 15560 kHz. Our daily radio productions consisted of two parts: a prerecorded morning show (Radiaphiles), and a live afternoon show (Render: live).

In Radiaphiles, Mobile Radio offer an overview of independent and not-for-profit community, ‘free’, campus, and pirate stations who provide a wealth of material and perspectives outside of the mainstream media orthodoxy. This series constitutes a major retrospective of the work of the radio art network Radia, whose collective mission is to make radio that transcends the borders and boundaries of land and language. Mobile Radio visit each station in turn to discern their motives and inspirations, and explore the work of one of their associated artists. Produced with support from Goethe Institut. Click on ‘Up Next’ in player to access all episodes.

In Render: live, a treasure trove of personal archives were opened for artistic exploration. Every day Mobile Radio delved deep into a collection of artefacts and memories and rendered them into radiophonic form: cassettes, minidiscs, vinyl, tape and conceptual works smothered in the hiss of time. Special guest appearances rendered these guidelines obsolete and opened the door to other forms of live radio shenanigans.

Some of the live events were also captured on video:

We also exhibited two installations at the gallery:

Savvy Funk 1553

A photo of Sarah’s installation Under the Hood – Clingradio in situ, taken by Anne Wellmer, whose photos of the Savvy Funk project you can find here.

LONDON April 2017

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Resonance FM’s 15th Birthday Party offered the opportunity to try out a new performance in which Knut sits still on stage with hearing aids in his closed hands, feeding back at frequencies determined by the cavity size of the hands. The evening with a Resonance typical wide range of performances also featured The Honey Hahs, Tom Paley (RIP), Adesh Sundaresen, Locus, Errollyn Wallen and a host of poets.

WITTLICH March 2017

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Music therapist Theo van der Poel invited us to his hospital in Wittlich where he has been running a series of monthly free concerts for patients and visitors for the last ten years. Together with him on piano and accordion we evoked playing Bach on the motorway and included questions of the German immigration test.

BRUSSELS February 2017

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Sarah was invited to give a seminar on radio at the école de recherche graphique (erg) for their seminar atelier called ‘after empire‘. Under the title ‘Double Hertz Radio’ she brought two FM transmitters with her and led a one day workshop that started with the question ‘What is radio?’ and ended with a series of hilarious performances by the students within the erg building which utilised the two low power radio transmitters and a dozen portable receivers.

The art school has a tradition of working with the medium of radio. This was represented in several other radio related workshops and the set-up of a temporary student station called Radio Ergote that collaborated with Radio Panik in Brussels to access FM airtime.

In the Radio Ergote studio. Photo by Marc Wathieu

In the Radio Ergote studio. Photo by Marc Wathieu