March 8, 2008 by Mobile Radio | Comments Off on NEWCASTLE/SUNDERLAND March 2008

Knut was asked to run a radio station for the the AV festival from Discovery Museum in Newcastle and also lend a hand for Soundscape FM in Sunderland. He invited Sarah, Dinah Bird and Jean-Philippe Renoult to join him. Round the clock for 10 days we broadcast radio art, experimental music, AV festival guests, live sound art, radio serials, stories, live streams from the Radia network and whatever else took our fancy. The nights were filled with the evolving sounds of Knut’s feedback installation

The interior of the museum, whose staff deserve a special mention for making our stay so easy and enjoyable. Here Honor Harger gives the opening speech to launch the radio station

Sarah explains the set-up to the Lord Mayor and listens to his radio tales

Dinah Bird interviews Honor

The rest of our crew – Jean-Philippe Renoult, Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington

Studio life – Staalplaat Sound-system’s Geert-Jan Hobijn (top left) and Carsten Stabenow (bottom left). Mark Vernon playing live (top right) and an interview with Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec (bottom centre)

Atau Tanaka (top left), radio art students from ISIS Arts (top right), Elizabeth Zimmermann from Kunstradio (bottom left) and our trio with Rhodri Davies (bottom right)

In conversation with Tetsuo Kogawa (top left) and Ed Baxter (bottom right, in stripes, dreaming?)

Looking into the studio from without, inside improvisation from Adam Parkinson and Bennett Hogg

Looking out from the studio at Yuko Mohri and her work Bairdcast Media: A History of Machine Translation

We can’t leave Newcastle without acknowledging the most striking aspects of it’s culture and beauty. Spiritual home of freeze-yer-arse-off nightlife…..

And magnificent bridges