ÜRZIG/LEIPZIG December 2020

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Radio performance for Anybody out there?! 100 Jahre Radio in Deutschland at D21 Gallery in Leipzig on 20.12.20

For her contribution to the closing of the festival, Sarah invited a host of superlative radio collaborators to assist in the celebration of the end of radio as we know it, by taking part in a chaos ritual designed to banish all broadcasts which have ever taken place so far and thus make way for a new ear-a of radio to emerge.

Participants included:
Jasmina Al-Qaisi on wails
Tina Klatte on interviews
Ralf Wendt on concepts
Xentos Fray Bentos on fingers
Felix Kubin on electro-voice
Knut Aufermann on disruption
Sarah Washington on cut-ups

The live interviewees were:
Hardi Kurda, Lukas Holfeld, Marold Langer-Philippsen, Ernst Marcus Stein, Claire Serres, Julia Drouhin, and Gabi Schaffner
The show also featured a host of voices reanimated from the six weeks of festival broadcasts, with a little P-noodling thrown in for good measure

This Mobile Radio production gives thanks to all the contributors, D21 for the invitation and ∏-node for the streams… MERRY NEW RADIO!


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The last edition of the CWCH collective season took place in Saarbrücken at the Saarländisches Künstlerhaus. Fellow CWCHees Katharina Bihler and Stefan Scheib had suggested this as an option to share a physical space with each other, and with a small audience, after months of regular performances that happened exclusively online.

For a detailed description and a full archive of CWCH shows please visit the dedicated project page.

To make full use of the spaces of the Künstlerhaus our set-up mirrored those of the CWCH collective so far: Sarah created the mix from all contributors, Katharina and Stefan were in the adjacent hall but still bound to the seconds-long delay of web-streaming, and the roaming audience had to visit a third room to hear the final broadcast.

Photo journalist Kerstin Krämer offered us the two images you can see below and wrote a report for the Saarbrücker Zeitung, positing that Orson Welles would have loved the evening. New Music expert Hubert Steins was in attendance too and conducted interviews that would find their way into his excellent portrait of the CWCH collective for Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

The two live rooms at the gallery… (photo © Kerstin Krämer)

… and the listening room for the audience (photo © Kerstin Krämer)

First visual contact of the CWCH collective players after the performance: Frauke Berg, Dinah Bird, Anna Friz, Billy Roisz, dieb13, Rodrigo Ríos Zunino, Llody Dunn, Ralf Schreiber, Knut Aufermann, Katharina Bihler, Stefan Scheib, CWCH photographer Pierre Metzinger and Sarah Washington. Missing is Xentos Fray Bentos.


ÜRZIG/TOKYO March 2020

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De-Distancing with Tetsuo Kogawa

We first combined our sonic palettes with fellow radio art practitioner Tetsuo Kogawa in 2005. Since then we have joined forces on a dozen occasions, often by combining sounds streamed in from our respective homes on different continents. This translocal practice comes to the fore now in times of Corona virus isolation. Responding to a call from Paris based experimental radio network π-node Tetsuo, Sarah and Knut collapsed time and space between the metropolis of Tokyo and the village of Ürzig for the listeners of a flock of radio stations including π-node (Paris, Mulhouse), Resonance Extra (Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, London, Norwich), Soundart Radio (Totnes) and WGXC (New York’s Upper Hudson Valley) who made available the archive recording below.

Mobile Radio table of instruments

Tetsuo Kogawa’s setup in Tokyo