DÜSSELDORF October 2019

October 26, 2019 by Mobile Radio | Comments Off on DÜSSELDORF October 2019

This must have been one of the most unusual locations we have ever played a Tonic Train concert in: the Hallraum Worringer Platz in Düsseldorf. The venue is a small glasshouse that is situated on a heavily frequented traffic island close to the city’s main station. The setting was intimate, with the curious audience crouched around us listening intently. However, the guiding theme for the performance emanated from the outside, from the constant car traffic and the electromagnetic disturbances from the busy adjacent tram stop that Sarah could pick up with a scanner. And then there was a secondary audience, just outside of the glasshouse, that didn’t care but also didn’t mind us being there while they were drinking and injecting. It was a memorable event, the last warm evening of the year, and strangely life-affirming.

Photos by Christian Ahlborn