WEYMOUTH October 2006

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Sarah inherites a Renault Scenic from her Mum which will allow us to travel to Germany in search of a new home.

Fun fair and fireworks for Guy Fawkes night

STUTTGART October 2006

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In Stuttgart we take part in the media-space 06 festival where we meet up with friends from the radio scene.

Martin and Jacek, formerly from Radio Copernicus now present their project radio simulator

In the evening we played a Tonic Train concert

HALLE October 2006

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We decide to spend two weeks at the RadioRevolten festival hosted by Radio Corax, where we were invited to do a live radio show. The festival spans one month, including a conference, installations, lots of live events and some fantastic radio projects. We stayed with some wonderful local students – Manu, Ellie and Adi

The Ligna project Radiotelephonie involved simultaneous broadcasts in Halle marketplace in the old town and Halle Neustadt, allowing the citizens of each to communicate their lives and passions to the other using mobile phones, portable speaker systems and radio transmitters

We wanted to try an experiment which is not always technically achievable, but with the help of the engineer Daniel, we were able to play with both the Radio Corax transmitter and the one installed as a special festival frequency. We each fed back one transmitter altering the signal with effects, and sometimes made a double feedback loop between the two transmitters. The audience listened on two radios. It worked well, even though we could not hear what each other was doing until we got the recordings afterwards

Our fellow Radia collaborator Jörg Köppl presented the results of his radio miniatures workshop, and gave a stunning concert of his own quarter tone guitar music. We also played as Tonic Train in this live-to-air concert at the Ärztehaus, a former surgery in Halle

Radio Erevan! Our favourite project was run by Marold Langer-Philippsen, who did a marathon broadcasting stint three times daily, running deep into the small hours. His shows were a magical intervention in the public life of Halle, sitting as he was in a builder’s van in the centre of the marketplace. He warmly invited guests with vodka and cakes and casual passers-by found themselves included in the action whenever Marold tired of unravelling his intoxicating tales into the microphone. Surreal strains of Armenian folk music could often be heard wafting around the van at night, and the local taxi drivers added their own colour to the scene…..

HAGEN September 2006

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After the high excitement of the gasometer, we retreat to show Xentos the wonders of the Ruhrgebiet

And we were treated to this rainbow on our arrival at the Aufermann Haus

The magnificent Tetraeder in Bottrop, a flexible steel monster swaying atop an enormous slag heap

OBERHAUSEN September 2006

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A day of wonder, hard work and sublime joy. On behalf of the Dutch Art Institute and Resonance104.4fm in London, we run the KlangLangWelle event – an evening of sound designed for the Gasometer Oberhausen. At 117 meters high and 68 in diameter this space is one of the most extreme acoustic environments we could ever hope to tackle

John Heijmans, sound art expert from the Dutch Art Institute outside the gasometer

Members of the Dutch Art Institute Radio Orchestra beginning their multifarious set

Tonic Train and Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos reveling in the exploration of terrifying acoustics. To hear the recording click here

John Butcher, mastering the enormous space with his highly trained lungs

The awesome Gasometer – we played in here!

ENSCHEDE September 2006

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We teach a workshop and through it create the Dutch Art Institute Radio Orchestra. The students are asked to make audio to be broadcast to more than twenty large radios, which will also function as their performative instruments. We prepare them for a public performance as part of the KlangLangWelle event at the Gasometer Oberhausen on the 29th September 2006

With only three days to prepare all the audio pieces and workout the choreography, DAIRO rehearsals last late into the evenings

Sarah and her fantastic flipchart plan….

VIENNA September 2006

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We represent Resonance104.4fm at the Media-Space-Society conference in Vienna hosted by Radio Orange, which is the closing event of the Europe-wide radio art project radio.territories. Attended by fellow organizers and guests from many countires, there ensures a jolly celebration which includes talks, presentations, discussions and live sound and music. As part of the event we play a Tonic Train concert

14th – 17th September 2006 at Fluc in Vienna. Most of the participants are members of the radio art network Radia, who hold a meeting here to discuss future plans

BERLIN September 2006

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Instead of holding onto a loose end, we nip over to Berlin to meet up with Lepke B and celebrate Knut’s birthday

Our host, the incredible Marcus Heesch supplies us daily with home-made ‘Jealastics’ and ice-cream

Our friends Pit Schultz and Diana McCarty treat us to a fabulous boatride to Potsdam and around Berlin. Sarah and Diana are flabbergasted by the Captain’s retractable cabin (essential for those low bridges)!

COPENHAGEN September 2006

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We go to Denmark to play a gig, and talk about future projects

Our host Mikkel Meyer shows us his studio, bursting with self-built electronics and secret lives…..

Tonic Train at Plex, Copenhagen on the 5th September 2006. Knut also gives a talk about Resonance104.4fm


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We have been yearning to visit our friend Børre Mølstad in Norway for quite some time. Finally we had an excuse to head north which allowed us to spend some relaxing days fishing, making jam from wild blueberries and helping to build a recording studio. Needless to say, it was a fantastic couple of weeks

How could we resist a visit to the home of the Jezuz 500, complete with Panic and Don’t Panic switches?

Luckily we could be of use helping set up the echo chamber in the basement cave

Pleased as a boy with a new reverb room…. the one that didn’t get away

We did a recording session with Børre on tuba and Roshwell the dog on squeaky toy

HAMBURG August 2006

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We needed a place to stay on our journey northwards, luckily the inergalactic superstar Felix Kubin came to our rescue. We stayed in his studio in an artist’s complex, surrounded by old electronics we felt right at home. What he didn’t tell us was that there would be a non-stop 48 hour summer party aimed directly at our window…..

We see what’s going on at the local radio station FSK, and are invited to play live in the studio and be interviewed by Heiner Metzger on his show about improvised music

If you can’t beat them, join them! We played at the artist’s summer party, in a very long narrow space between two high buildings. It was fun to have give our electronics a strong blast, the only thing to be done. We were highly amused when the sound-reactive lights started playing one of our instruments

ROTTERDAM August 2006

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We have few days spare, so at a whiff of an offer of accommodation from the dear Sasker Scheeder we decide to rush over to Rotterdam to hatch Gasometer dreams with Xentos

Local teenage troublemakers, Lukas Simonis and Xentos

More wonderous folks, our friend Juhee dropped by from Amsterdam to join Sasker, Martina, Knut and I for art and drinks…..

HAGEN August 2006

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We drop by at Knut’s parents in Hagen so that we can make a meeting at the Gasometer Oberhausen to consolidate our upcoming project there with the Dutch Art Institute and Resonance 104.4FM

‘nuf said. Come and see our radio performance here on the 29th September!

MUNICH July 2006

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Back in Munich at the energetic Yvonne’s to prepare for her house concert to end all house concerts

We played as Tonic Train in Yvonne Schwemer Scheddin’s garage. Also present are Gunter Pretzel on amplified viola in the super-resonant bathroom, and Judith Egger on objects, light and smoke in the garden shed. 70 well fed & watered guests sample the Experimental Garage-Bath-Shed Concert

Judith in rehearsals for the Shed-in

LINDAU July 2006

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We go back to Lindau to be joined for a while by Sarah’s mum and then friends from the UK for a proper summer holiday. We make the water and peaks of Germany, Austria and Switzerland our playground

Knut steals the group photo bothered by Sarah, watched over coolly by John and Simon and with amusment by Svea and Kay. We spent a blissful afternoon at the river near Rheinklingen, googling at the people, boats, tyres and rafts flying down the river in the vigorous current. A bit of skinny dipping was called for in the beautiful warm water, seeing as some of us forgot our cossies. It was a swimming machine – keep trying just to stay still. We were also visited by enormous salmon trout

Picnic Alpenstyle

MUNICH July 2006

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With nothing better to do in the early summer and a generous offer from our friend Yvonne, we decide to stay in Germany for the world cup

One of many beer garden football afternoons and evenings in Planegg

Yvonne on the loose… She takes us on a day trip to all her country friends, including cat and hairy coos

LINDAU June 2006

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We spent some sunny and stormy weeks at the Bodensee (Lake Constance) visiting Knut’s friend Svea

The almost island of Lindau from one of our boat trips on the lake

MUNICH May 2006

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We went Munich to take part in Anselm Caminada’s project Short Frites at the underpass venue ZKMax

The band: Anselm Caminada, Judith Egger, Børre Mølstad and Sarah Washington

The engineer & feedback meister Knut Aufermann

We took the opportunity to do a recording session at Plan Blue with our sometime collaborators Gunter Pretzel and Michael Feller. Happily, Børre Mølstad was able to join us before his flight back to Norway and…….

The Bosch Experience was born (I didn’t want to let Børre go to the airport!)

LONDON May 2007

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We went to take part in some events at the Tate Modern. Sarah had a concert with Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos and we both had radio live shows which broadcast from the museum on Resonance 104.4FM. Sarah’s radio show was part of her commission from the Tate to make a radio art series. The live show which she did with Julia Lee Barclay and Apocryphal Theatre was open to the public and took the form of a language game, with participation invited from the audience.

‘The Spiral’ record deck and vinyl cutter installation set up in the Tate by Mathieu Briand was the setting for some mayhem…..

Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos and Sarah Washington amuse themselves and the audience in the Turbine Hall. Photograph Simon Lucas

The audience have to earn their place at our performance….

But they are so hard to get rid of when we are finished

Knut hosts a series of radio discussions called Shut Your Eyes to Art. The guests are Robin McGinley, Xper.Xr and Bob & Roberta Smith

The events at the Tate were part of The Long Weekend and we were delighted to catch up with many of our friends there. Left – AVVA in performance, Billy Roisz and Toshimaru Nakamura. Right – luckily for us Ed Baxter had booked John Giorno for a radio slot who gave an inspiring performance

Oscillatorial Binnage gave a sparkling performance of Dan Wilson’s Corrosion Suite

Another edition of Shut Your Eyes to Art with Kersten Glandien, Salome Voegelin and Sebastian Craig submitting to the blindfolds. The quality of the discussion was very different to a sighted one, softer somehow

LISBON May 2006

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Void of abstract entertainment we rushed back to Lisbon for a gig hosted by Granular – the local sound performance scene, plus visting artists.

Noid + Vitor Joaquim, battling against an amusing karaoke act in the neighbouring building


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We hired a car for a week of touring around rural Portugal, heading east from Lisbon and then to the far north of the country

One of our favourite places was the hilltop bolder village of Monsanto. Hovering above the unbelievable constructions of the cottages is the most wonderful ruined castle, empty during our visit, and a high enough vantage point above the plains for Knut to be knocked out by the sight of four eagles circling just below him.

To our further amazement we discovered the studio and museum of Radio Clube de Monsanto, and were given a tour by station director Dr. Joaquim Fonseca (pictured). Much better equiped than Resonance we thought, complete with a hugh antenna at the castle, how about a friendly takeover?


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Mobile Radio in Lisbon. We came here for a week-long Radia meeting – a network of like-minded independent radios from across Europe. One of the extracurricular events hosted by Radio Zero was a concert at ZDB, at which we played as Tonic Train vs Xentos. We were not in a hurry to leave Lisbon, luckily we had a few weeks before our next project.

Spot the alien. Warming up with Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos

Tetsuo Kogawa asked us to give a live lecture via the internet to Tokyo Keizai University, which we decided to do as live radio show from the studio of Radio Zero in Lisbon. The combination of show and internet lecture wasn’t entirely successful due to technical hitches, Knut had to type the lecture in real time due to the voice connection failing, while I tried with slim success to keep the radio show alive….

However, the students in Tokyo much appreciated our live Tonic Train performance

We did another Tonic Train perfromance at a house concert for the radio rocket scientist Ricardo Reis. His unsuspecting friends proved to be enthusiastic about the strange visitors

Catharina keeps a smile on his face. A warm thanks to our marvelous host – the real Ricardo Reis

PARIS April 2006

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We stop off for two nights to visit Knut’s old friend Matthias and to break the long train journey to Portugal.

Dinah and Jean Phillipe host a fantastic and hilarious radio meal

Much fun en route to Lisbon on the night train, including a wobbly ‘Dinner for One’ style waiter in the dining car. Portugal is green and gorgeous in the morning

LONDON April 2006

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During our stay in London we played a house concert for John Wall and friends in John’s studio. The tiny room was completely full with the addition of eight audience members, who offered a welcoming and gentle atmosphere.

Making a mess on the studio floor……

John and Kay looking forward to the next crop

News travels fast in the Resonance studio – great to catch up with Richard, Tom and the rest of the gang

Knut enjoys playing in the London Improvisers Orchestra again. Terry Day was in full swing…

BATH March 2006

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Knut was invited to perform at Bath Spa University in a concert designed to showcase various approaches to making music using feedback systems.

Knut’s solo performance for feedback

WEYMOUTH March 2006

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We spent some time catching up with ourselves in Weymouth at Sarah’s family home.

Seagulls are always on the lookout for a spare chip

HAGEN March 2006

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We stop off at the Aufermann family’s modernist house to break our long train journey from Bratislava to the U.K.

All of the family except Knut are extremely green-fingered


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We had a wonderful time sleeping in a boat on the Danube and getting the locals started off with circuit bending at a workshop which was run by Itchy Bit and funded by the British Council. Everyone in the workshop had a keen passion to develop their own electronic instruments and worked hard to create deivces to play at the closing concert.

Getting stuck in during four days of industrious activity

The concert poster was developed in the spirit of the workshop

Listen to

Some of the Orkesta performing their new instruments. They almost didn’t stop playing…..

VIENNA March 2006

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We stayed a few days in Vienna with our friends Billy and Dieter to play a concert and do some recording for a project with Billy.

Tonic Train concert at Raum 35, the former institute for transacoustic research.

BRNO March 2006

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Thanks to our fantastic hosts Ivan and Anna we can stay for a night in Brno and surprise Phil Minton and Veryan Weston at their gig with 4 Walls in town.

Upgrading Ivan’s contact mic for his knitting machine.

PRAGUE March 2006

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With only a few days left in Prague we finalize the design of a new circuit-bent instrument and spend a day with Lloyd and Kaoru in the beautiful surroundings of Prague.

The unfinished and yet unnamed new instrument.

Stream near Srbsko.

MUNICH February 2006

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During our weekend break in Munich Sarah DJed at Knut’s sister’s 40th birthday party.

We also managed to meet up with our musical collaborators of Violet Cab.

Michael Feller, Knut, Sarah + Gunter Pretzel

PRAGUE February 2006

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Back in Prague we collaborated with the Tape-Beatles, Martin Blazicek, Ondrej Vavrecka, Patricia Guerreiro, Milos Vojtechovsky and Pavel Sterec in an evening filling performance at the Skolska 28 gallery.

Still from a premiered Tape Beatles film.


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We were invited for a short trip to Bremen to take part in a radio workshop, and to produce two shows for a five day FM broadcast called Schwankungen.

From our hotel room we played a short concert over the phone for a radio party at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in New Plymouth, New Zealand that was organized by Tetsuo Kogawa.

PRAGUE January 2006

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We have arrived in Prague to begin our two month residency at the Open
in Dolni Pocernice. It took us a couple of days to catch up with
ourselves, after a lengthy yet fantastic journey through the alps. Now we can
take it all in Prague is inviting, enigmatic and energetic (in a slow way).
We have already been hunting for old and new electronics at the flea market,
and are beginning work on some new instruments. What a joy to have a big studio
room to work and live in.

Eating outdoors at minus 2 degrees – Flea market Prague style!

Our visits to the fleamarket were successful. The bending can begin…

As part of the January 2006 Arts Birthday Party events in Prague we played in our duo Tonic Train, and had the opportunity to collaborate with the Tape Beatles and Martin Blazicek on a sound and image performance. Along with telephone contributions from Jonathan Bohman in London and Svea Reiners in Germany we also took part the collaborative radio presentation Places/Anagram, an improvised radio play based on a game, which was streamed on Lemurie. In total there were 5 days of events, the highlight of which was the Mini Radio Burza Radiophonic Potlach which featured a fantastic programme of performances put together by Orange 94.0 in Vienna and Milos Vojtichovsky in Prague as part of the Radia network’s radio.territories project. Another great performance was made by z.b.: … , an all-singing all-dancing sound art act from Vienna. Details of the above events and performers can be found in the Arts Birthday Party programme.

Tonic Train meet the Tape Beatles

Listen to

Listen to

z.b.: in full swing

SIAT January 2006

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We spent New Year with friends up in Siat, Switzerland at 4330ft. It is more beautiful than we could have imagined. A wolf was spotted in the village last year but we haven’t met one yet, just one of the local cats who loves to play in the snow.

Siat nestling in the deep snow.

Another view of the area, from a mountain walk to the next village.