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Second live outing with the The RADIOM ))) RADIÔME radio art network in two days, this time at the Rotondes in Luxembourg City with a live braodcast on Radio ARA. On stage were:

Karim Aït-gacem, Knut Aufermann, Katharina Bihler, Élodie Brochier, Sam Erpelding, Sandra Laborier, François Martig, Martha Regueiro, Stefan Scheib, Claire Thill & Sarah Washington.

during soundcheck
Some words for the (on air) audience after the performance


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The RADIOM ))) RADIÔME radio art network brings together artists from the Greater Region, a border-defying zone that encompasses Luxembourg and all its neighbour regions. Thanks to the initiative and tireless work of the Liquid Penguin Ensemble eleven artists produced and shared audio miniatures in a time of social distancing.

Once we were able to travel again all members of the network came together for a performace at KuBa in Saarbrücken which was broadcast live by public radio Saarländischer Rundfunk.

Sarah’s point of view from the main mixer.

All performers were distributed around the whole space while the audience listened on wireless headphones.

Knut checking out the SR outside broadcast van…

ÜRZIG/PARIS January 2021

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What better way to start a new year, however unpromising it might feel, than by bringing together good friends for an online live performance for Le Placard and ∏node. Enter The World Fuse (Felix, Xentos, Sarah & Knut):