About Mobile Radio BSP

Mobile Radio are invited artists of the 30° Bienal São Paulo

Mobile Radio BSP is the contribution of Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann to the 30th São Paulo art biennial. It is a temporary radio art station broadcasting from the 3rd September until the 9th December 2012 from a studio inside the Pavilhão Ciccillo Matarazzo in the Parque do Ibirapuera. Transmitting around the clock for fourteen weeks on FM at 87,5 MHz inside the exhibition hall and streaming online at mobile-radio.net & the Bienal website.

With Mobile Radio BSP we aim to disseminate radio art around the globe by way of introduction and interchange. In collaboration with the international radio art network Radia we bring the work of currently active European, North American and Australasian radio artists and stations to Brazil, and seek out the work of South American artists to celebrate and share. Our specially created Bienal studio in São Paulo is the hub of an expanded radio art exchange network: through live broadcasts syndicated out to partner stations, simulcasts of incoming transmissions from around the world, by offering opportunities for artists to explore unprecedented freedom of airtime, unearthing archive material from Brazilian cultural institutions and enticing local people and biennial visitors to engage with, and perhaps contribute to, unfamiliar radio experimentation.
In-between the daily hubbub, to soothe our ears at night we listen in to natural radio signals, live sound installations and other expressions of eternity, elusiveness and duration. As the icing on the cake, Mobile Radio are delighted to invite artists from around the world to join them for special broadcast weeks in São Paulo to establish an evolving spectrum of styles and atmospheres over the transmission time. Local and visiting artists, musicians, critics and curators, many new to radio, create a series of shows and radio happenings at the Bienal. We add to the melting pot of material and cultures our own blend of feedback exploration, plunderphonics, vocal stutters and sonic meanders. Above all, Mobile Radio BSP creates a dynamic platform from which experiments in radio can flourish.

The schedule remains flexible to allow the vitality of radio to shine through in all its chaotic splendour; we are offering a multilingual out-pouring to confound, confuse, stimulate and delight – which facilitates the continuation of Mobile Radio’s mission to enliven the airwaves by shaking radio out of its tree.

Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann
Mobile Radio BSP associate producer: Leandro Nerefuh
Bienal Associate Curator responsible for Mobile Radio BSP: Tobi Maier
Bienal Producer for Mobile Radio BSP: Joaquim Millan
Bienal Chief Curator: Luis Pérez-Oramas