COLOGNE May 2008

May 29, 2008 by Mobile Radio | Comments Off on COLOGNE May 2008

We were invited to give a two-day Mobile Radio workshop at The Academy of Media Art Cologne (KHM). There was also a chance to perform a Tonic Train concert in the university theatre

Our workshop group, with their tutor Echo Ho (centre), exploring the possibilities of the radio transmitters they had built with Martin Nawrath (right)

We organized a live talk for the students from Tetsuo Kogawa in Japan. It’s impossible to tell if he is really there, as he only shows his empty chair… We hear him ‘showing’ us examples to illustrate his fascinating lecture

More hands-on action, in preparation for the live radio show we have arranged as part of the workshop

Our host at the excellent radio station Köln Campus is Johanna Bächer

We talk about our music and radio work, then play a short live concert…

…along with the workshop participants and their radio transmitters

Knut sound-checking for our concert in the KHM theatre. It was a nice concert – helped by a really useful PA, and a warm audience comprising members of the local Cologne experimental music scene

We tagged along with the KHM trip to the Waves exhibition in Dortmund, where we visited a workshop on optical sound by Derek Holzer

Outside Waves at Phoenix Halle Dortumnd