HAGEN September 2006

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After the high excitement of the gasometer, we retreat to show Xentos the wonders of the Ruhrgebiet

And we were treated to this rainbow on our arrival at the Aufermann Haus

The magnificent Tetraeder in Bottrop, a flexible steel monster swaying atop an enormous slag heap

OBERHAUSEN September 2006

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A day of wonder, hard work and sublime joy. On behalf of the Dutch Art Institute and Resonance104.4fm in London, we run the KlangLangWelle event – an evening of sound designed for the Gasometer Oberhausen. At 117 meters high and 68 in diameter this space is one of the most extreme acoustic environments we could ever hope to tackle

John Heijmans, sound art expert from the Dutch Art Institute outside the gasometer

Members of the Dutch Art Institute Radio Orchestra beginning their multifarious set

Tonic Train and Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos reveling in the exploration of terrifying acoustics. To hear the recording click here

John Butcher, mastering the enormous space with his highly trained lungs

The awesome Gasometer – we played in here!

ENSCHEDE September 2006

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We teach a workshop and through it create the Dutch Art Institute Radio Orchestra. The students are asked to make audio to be broadcast to more than twenty large radios, which will also function as their performative instruments. We prepare them for a public performance as part of the KlangLangWelle event at the Gasometer Oberhausen on the 29th September 2006

With only three days to prepare all the audio pieces and workout the choreography, DAIRO rehearsals last late into the evenings

Sarah and her fantastic flipchart plan….

VIENNA September 2006

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We represent Resonance104.4fm at the Media-Space-Society conference in Vienna hosted by Radio Orange, which is the closing event of the Europe-wide radio art project radio.territories. Attended by fellow organizers and guests from many countires, there ensures a jolly celebration which includes talks, presentations, discussions and live sound and music. As part of the event we play a Tonic Train concert

14th – 17th September 2006 at Fluc in Vienna. Most of the participants are members of the radio art network Radia, who hold a meeting here to discuss future plans

BERLIN September 2006

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Instead of holding onto a loose end, we nip over to Berlin to meet up with Lepke B and celebrate Knut’s birthday

Our host, the incredible Marcus Heesch supplies us daily with home-made ‘Jealastics’ and ice-cream

Our friends Pit Schultz and Diana McCarty treat us to a fabulous boatride to Potsdam and around Berlin. Sarah and Diana are flabbergasted by the Captain’s retractable cabin (essential for those low bridges)!

COPENHAGEN September 2006

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We go to Denmark to play a gig, and talk about future projects

Our host Mikkel Meyer shows us his studio, bursting with self-built electronics and secret lives…..

Tonic Train at Plex, Copenhagen on the 5th September 2006. Knut also gives a talk about Resonance104.4fm


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We have been yearning to visit our friend Børre Mølstad in Norway for quite some time. Finally we had an excuse to head north which allowed us to spend some relaxing days fishing, making jam from wild blueberries and helping to build a recording studio. Needless to say, it was a fantastic couple of weeks

How could we resist a visit to the home of the Jezuz 500, complete with Panic and Don’t Panic switches?

Luckily we could be of use helping set up the echo chamber in the basement cave

Pleased as a boy with a new reverb room…. the one that didn’t get away

We did a recording session with Børre on tuba and Roshwell the dog on squeaky toy

HAMBURG August 2006

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We needed a place to stay on our journey northwards, luckily the inergalactic superstar Felix Kubin came to our rescue. We stayed in his studio in an artist’s complex, surrounded by old electronics we felt right at home. What he didn’t tell us was that there would be a non-stop 48 hour summer party aimed directly at our window…..

We see what’s going on at the local radio station FSK, and are invited to play live in the studio and be interviewed by Heiner Metzger on his show about improvised music

If you can’t beat them, join them! We played at the artist’s summer party, in a very long narrow space between two high buildings. It was fun to have give our electronics a strong blast, the only thing to be done. We were highly amused when the sound-reactive lights started playing one of our instruments

ROTTERDAM August 2006

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We have few days spare, so at a whiff of an offer of accommodation from the dear Sasker Scheeder we decide to rush over to Rotterdam to hatch Gasometer dreams with Xentos

Local teenage troublemakers, Lukas Simonis and Xentos

More wonderous folks, our friend Juhee dropped by from Amsterdam to join Sasker, Martina, Knut and I for art and drinks…..

HAGEN August 2006

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We drop by at Knut’s parents in Hagen so that we can make a meeting at the Gasometer Oberhausen to consolidate our upcoming project there with the Dutch Art Institute and Resonance 104.4FM

‘nuf said. Come and see our radio performance here on the 29th September!

MUNICH July 2006

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Back in Munich at the energetic Yvonne’s to prepare for her house concert to end all house concerts

We played as Tonic Train in Yvonne Schwemer Scheddin’s garage. Also present are Gunter Pretzel on amplified viola in the super-resonant bathroom, and Judith Egger on objects, light and smoke in the garden shed. 70 well fed & watered guests sample the Experimental Garage-Bath-Shed Concert

Judith in rehearsals for the Shed-in

LINDAU July 2006

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We go back to Lindau to be joined for a while by Sarah’s mum and then friends from the UK for a proper summer holiday. We make the water and peaks of Germany, Austria and Switzerland our playground

Knut steals the group photo bothered by Sarah, watched over coolly by John and Simon and with amusment by Svea and Kay. We spent a blissful afternoon at the river near Rheinklingen, googling at the people, boats, tyres and rafts flying down the river in the vigorous current. A bit of skinny dipping was called for in the beautiful warm water, seeing as some of us forgot our cossies. It was a swimming machine – keep trying just to stay still. We were also visited by enormous salmon trout

Picnic Alpenstyle

MUNICH July 2006

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With nothing better to do in the early summer and a generous offer from our friend Yvonne, we decide to stay in Germany for the world cup

One of many beer garden football afternoons and evenings in Planegg

Yvonne on the loose… She takes us on a day trip to all her country friends, including cat and hairy coos