MIXNITZ August 2009

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Unbelievably, we had a holiday to end the trip. Dieter Kovacic and Billy Roisz took us to recoup our hearing and regenerate our minds in the high mountain meadows around Mixnitz. It was all a bit Heidi, sharing our water supply with the cows…. Plenty of decent exercise, although the climb through the massive canyon nearly finished me off. Austrians are FIT!

KLEYLEHOF August 2009

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We join the Reheat crew for their wonderful festival in the Kleylehof at the far eastern fringe of Austria. In the doorway are two of the organising team and a comrade; Klaus Filip, Noid and Barbara Kaiser. Ernst Reitermaier, Dieter Kovacic, Billy Roisz, and Oliver Stotz make up the rest of the festival committee

For our performance as part of the electromagnetic theme we wanted to work only with hearing aids. When we arrive there is still some micro-soldering to do!

Our modified hearing aids were hung over mic stands in front of floor monitors, so that we could swing them in front of the speakers

With eight devices we could build up a hypnotic wall of sound. The audience were enthusiastic, not only for us but for many interesting performances, installations and talks. Photos by Martin Feilhauer

A lovely atmosphere is created by camping out and eating together around the massive table. Each year Reheat is pieced together around a new theme – it’s the most extraordinary, fun and excellent sound / music / performance / installation festival around. A big thank you for all the hard work that goes into it

Kunstradio – Reheat the Schnitzel

We had a second job to do at the festival which was to capture it for Kunstradio. We made many recordings which were randomly cut into small pieces and arranged using Dieb 13’s schnitzel software. Together we created Reheat the Schnitzel, a 42 minute piece for broadcast on the Austrian national radio channel Ö1. Elisabeth Zimmermann came to collect the show in person for broadcast that evening