BREMEN July 2015

July 18, 2015 by Mobile Radio | Comments Off on BREMEN July 2015

There are few better things than witnessing the birth of a new radio station. In this case Mobile Radio played midwife to the new “Radio im Fluss” which can be translated as “radio in flux” but is also a word play on the location of its host organisation, the Centre for Artists’ Publications, situated at the Weserburg Museum on an island in the river Weser in Bremen. Conceived as an outlet for the extensive collection of radio art at the research centre, “Radio im Fluss” also manifests as a weekly slot on Bremen’s community radio channel Radio Weser.TV.

We used an invitation to the opening of the city wide exhibition “Im Inneren der Stadt” to give our radio head Leslie an outing in Bremen, turning the evening party into a temporary pirate radio station.