MUNICH July 2011

We travel to Munich to play at a special house concert in honour of our great protagonist Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin. (She’s the kind of person who sprinkles a little cultural magic dust wherever she goes.)

Yvonne introduces the line-up of artists for the evening. We play a trio with Gunter Pretzel on viola. Afterward the event Yvonne reports:
“Despite thunder, rain curtains etc. it was just lovely. One person was afraid of getting another Hörsturz (acute hearing loss), some found it gewöhnungsbedürftig (needed getting used to), but mostly they considered it as very interesting and were glad to have been exposed to new music. So together we did our small job to shake people out of complacency…..”

Knut and Yvonne’s daughter Jeannine helping fix up the bronze drumhead of Limpe Fuchs for a performance with Ulrike Stoltz in Yvonne’s resonant stairwell. The construction looks fairly precarious, but you have every confidence in Limpe as she charges ahead, and creates amazing instruments as a result

Limpe performs on her ‘row of stones’ with Ulrike reading from her own texts. At the end of the evening Sarah joined the duo with a little electronic device and together we performed a dynamic and surprising impromptu improvisation. It seemed to wrap the party up somehow in an unusual atmosphere, the audience were delightfully mellow as the evening closed

Something very German we found in the house

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