MUNICH October 2008

The Bosch Experience played at the t-u-b-e Klanggalerie and Sarah and Knut played a trio with Gunter Pretzel at Galerie Dagmar Behringer

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Our set-up for the trio at the gallery

Knut and Gunter soundcheck. It turned out to be a very nice concert

How does this work?

Spot the mistake. One of these buildings is an actual church. We stumbled across this amazing display of public art on a day out

Here you can see the simulated church in the foreground (below Munich stadium), and the ancient church hiding in the trees on the right

We stopped off at this hill to catch sight of the alps, as there was a föhn which produces the optical illusion of zooming the alps in to the edge of the city. Munich shows itself to be tidy and flat. It also has a beautiful wild river running through the centre of it

t-u-b-e Klanggalerie

Tuba in the t-u-b-e

Soundchecking. Perhaps time for a little background. Børre (tuba) is a masterful Nowegian musician, member of No Spaghetti Edition, No, Gutvik, Circulasione Totale Orchestra, My Midnight Creeps, and bardal caminada mølstad trio. Gunter (viola) is a member of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, Debussy-Trio München, and he has a solo project called peltzer-pv. He works alongside Michael in a duo called Violet Cab. Michael (live processing) has a rich history in electronic music and computing. In 1973 he was a member of the group Amon Düül II and from the mid 70s ’til the mid 90s he developed sofware and hardware for music computing. He currently works as a music producer at his studio Plan Blue

Trying out various speaker combinations with the excellent surround-sound system

Resting: Viola, Knut, Tuba, Børre

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