PRAGUE February 2007

We were invited to Prague to perform a concert and take part in a discussion at Radio Lemurie’s Radio Tombola, and to do a sound installation for the hear2hear exhibition curated by Pavel Sterec of radio transmitter art

Knut’s installation caused problems for everyone else – for technical reasons the feedback bled into all the other installations. It could only be activated at your peril!

There was an evening of live broadcast by Lemurie, beginning with a discussion on the state of Czech radio today

We finally met our biggest fan. Photo by Echo Ho

Echo and Hannes perform as earweego

At the end of the concert we played in an ad hoc quartet with Echo and Hannes. It turned out to be the best part of the concert. Photo by John Grzinich

The fantastic prizes in the radio tombola, compete with a whole host of ancient electronic parts donated by Stanley ‘The Robot Man’

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