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Knut was asked to run a radio station for the the AV festival from Discovery Museum in Newcastle and also lend a hand for Soundscape FM in Sunderland. He invited Sarah, Dinah Bird and Jean-Philippe Renoult to join him. Round the clock for 10 days we broadcast radio art, experimental music, AV festival guests, live sound art, radio serials, stories, live streams from the Radia network and whatever else took our fancy. The nights were filled with the evolving sounds of Knut’s feedback installation

The interior of the museum, whose staff deserve a special mention for making our stay so easy and enjoyable. Here Honor Harger gives the opening speech to launch the radio station

Sarah explains the set-up to the Lord Mayor and listens to his radio tales

Dinah Bird interviews Honor

The rest of our crew – Jean-Philippe Renoult, Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington

Studio life – Staalplaat Sound-system’s Geert-Jan Hobijn (top left) and Carsten Stabenow (bottom left). Mark Vernon playing live (top right) and an interview with Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec (bottom centre)

Atau Tanaka (top left), radio art students from ISIS Arts (top right), Elizabeth Zimmermann from Kunstradio (bottom left) and our trio with Rhodri Davies (bottom right)

In conversation with Tetsuo Kogawa (top left) and Ed Baxter (bottom right, in stripes, dreaming?)

Looking into the studio from without, inside improvisation from Adam Parkinson and Bennett Hogg

Looking out from the studio at Yuko Mohri and her work Bairdcast Media: A History of Machine Translation

We can’t leave Newcastle without acknowledging the most striking aspects of it’s culture and beauty. Spiritual home of freeze-yer-arse-off nightlife…..

And magnificent bridges

GLASGOW February 2008

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The second night of the Self-Cancellation tour was held at The Arches underneath Glasgow central station. It was part of the Instal festival of experimental music, sound and performance. Other Self-cancellation events were going on such as seminars and a discussion at The Glasgow School of Art

Sarah’s double helping of ear protection, to ensure that she couldn’t hear herself playing

Lee Patterson, Benedict Drew, Rhodri Davies and John Butcher at the rehearsals

Chris Weaver and John Bain compare devices

The remains of Rhodri’s destroyed harp

Robin Hayward, who performed a piece whilst his tuba filled up with sand

Michael Colligan happy to be messing with dry ice and hot metal

Mark Bain at the main board piling up an intense building vibration, an earth tremor in sound guided by himself and John Bain

Arika organizer Barry Esson debriefs with LMC organizer Ben Drew

Mystical goings on at The Glasgow School of Art with the luminescent hand of John Bain and Arika’s wistful Bryony McIntyre

LONDON February 2008

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Rhodri Davies, inspired by and in collaboration with Gustav Metzger brought together a collection of musicians to look at ways in which music and sound can cancel itself out, can auto-destruct during performance. The first Self-Cancellation concert was held at Beaconsfield in Lambeth, commissioned by Arika & the London Musicians’ Collective and developed with Beaconsfield – part of a series of events including talks and radio works

Something to cheer Sarah up before her scary solo. She decided to cancel a crucial part of herself out for her performance – her ears. She didn’t want to hear what she played, and she also cast the space into darkness so that she couldn’t see what she was doing. All she was aware of was the thumping of her heart and the rushing of blood

The collaborative work for the concert was called Sudoku and was conceived by Rhodri Davies. A succession of sudoku puzzles were projected on a screen, with each square lit up in succession. The players were assigned numbers – they could play when their number appeared until it appeared again, and so on throughout the piece

A peep at the safety precautions that were needed to carry out Gustav Metzger’s Acid on Nylon

The dissolving nylon was projected onto a screen, with light sensors attached to transform the squirming image into sound

Open the doors and evacuate the audience, don’t let them see the scary men behind the screen!

COLOGNE January 2008

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Instead of celebrating New Year in the traditional manner, we instead make a piece for Arts Birthday on behalf of Radio Kinesonus in Japan. We play alongside the celebrations – for electronics and fireworks

Our recording set-up. The piece can be heard at Radio Kinesonus

View from the microphone on the balcony