HALLE (SAALE) October 2016

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Radio Revolten was the largest festival dedicated to radio art worldwide. As artistic director and co-curators we were involved in all stages and aspects of the festival and temporarily relocated to Halle to help with the organisation.

The scope of the month-long festival included daily performances, more than a dozen installations, two exhibitions, a 24/7 radio station, a conference and several international meetings and much more by nearly a hundred artists from around the world. In April 2018 a documentation in book form will be published by Spector Books. The festival’s website now acts as an archive of the proceedings and contains specific audio-visual archive pages for our own activities as part of the programme. Click here to view this for Sarah or Knut.

Below are audio excerpts of Knut’s silence detection radio installation “Changing of the Guard” and Sarah’s three frequency broadcast “In the Air We Share”.

STOCKHOLM September 2013

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After our productive workshop at Konsthall C in May we returned with the idea to create a 24 hour radio art festival on two FM frequencies. Called Dubbelradio, it was probably the first such festival in the world.
The four-channel audio works that were performed and broadcast are hard to document, so we have made a video to show the scope of the project. Click here to watch it in HD. Listening will be greatly enhanced on headphones or decent speakers.

Dubbelradio logo by Hanna Stenman

TALLINN March 2011

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Radiaator international radio art festival

Conceived and curated by Raul Keller and Katrin Essenson, who founded the radio art station and radio exploration performance group LokaalRaadio in 2006, the 2-day Radiaator was the first radiophonic art festival in Estonia. It was made possible with the support of European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011. A transmitter broadcasting to the area around the venue attracted chance listeners who dropped by to see for themselves what was going on. This wasn’t the only demonstration of interest: we found ourselves in the somewhat sticky position of trying to explain what radio art is on a national TV channel.

Our arrival by ship from Helsinki was spectacular as the Baltic sea was still frozen all the way across. The Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia venue was equally striking, with its defunct chimney stack. We are here to talk about Mobile Radio and perform a live radio show for the festival audience

Chaos from Felix Kubin, assited by Raul and one of the festival assistant ‘angels’, called Angel! Katrin and Raul performing as LokaalRaadio, with Hello Upan on violin (she is pictured below). Full list of participants

Knut’s radio feedback during our live radio show to Resonance. Felix’s lecture-performance of Paralektronoia. Felix later DJs Demos and Dandies, a creative symbiosis of demos from the audience and his archive. DJ_Aussteuerungskontrolle intervenes periodically to perform with Felix as The White Bears, a live DJ/Ninja circuit bending mashup

Our show was called Ruckus Radio, here being helped to breeze along by Felix. Backstage the streaming portal watched over by Raul. Hello Upan on violin for Lokaalraadio

Heralding spring, Estonian style! That means whatever time of day or night spring is deemed to begin, the horns will sound in a city park, the police band will play, Tallinn’s mayor will make a wobbly speech and some wonderful singers will deliver perfect, complex and fascinating harmonies. The audience is bestowed with balloons, flags, drinks and snacks, and we sway blissfully around the freezing night.
We bid our farewells with a Mosel wine. Thank you Raul and Katrin, we will miss you as soon as we board the ferry! They later join the Radia family by producing a show for us: “The audible after-effects of drinking ether”

HALLE October 2006

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We decide to spend two weeks at the RadioRevolten festival hosted by Radio Corax, where we were invited to do a live radio show. The festival spans one month, including a conference, installations, lots of live events and some fantastic radio projects. We stayed with some wonderful local students – Manu, Ellie and Adi

The Ligna project Radiotelephonie involved simultaneous broadcasts in Halle marketplace in the old town and Halle Neustadt, allowing the citizens of each to communicate their lives and passions to the other using mobile phones, portable speaker systems and radio transmitters

We wanted to try an experiment which is not always technically achievable, but with the help of the engineer Daniel, we were able to play with both the Radio Corax transmitter and the one installed as a special festival frequency. We each fed back one transmitter altering the signal with effects, and sometimes made a double feedback loop between the two transmitters. The audience listened on two radios. It worked well, even though we could not hear what each other was doing until we got the recordings afterwards

Our fellow Radia collaborator Jörg Köppl presented the results of his radio miniatures workshop, and gave a stunning concert of his own quarter tone guitar music. We also played as Tonic Train in this live-to-air concert at the Ärztehaus, a former surgery in Halle

Radio Erevan! Our favourite project was run by Marold Langer-Philippsen, who did a marathon broadcasting stint three times daily, running deep into the small hours. His shows were a magical intervention in the public life of Halle, sitting as he was in a builder’s van in the centre of the marketplace. He warmly invited guests with vodka and cakes and casual passers-by found themselves included in the action whenever Marold tired of unravelling his intoxicating tales into the microphone. Surreal strains of Armenian folk music could often be heard wafting around the van at night, and the local taxi drivers added their own colour to the scene…..