ÜRZIG/LEIPZIG December 2020

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Radio performance for Anybody out there?! 100 Jahre Radio in Deutschland at D21 Gallery in Leipzig on 20.12.20

For her contribution to the closing of the festival, Sarah invited a host of superlative radio collaborators to assist in the celebration of the end of radio as we know it, by taking part in a chaos ritual designed to banish all broadcasts which have ever taken place so far and thus make way for a new ear-a of radio to emerge.

Participants included:
Jasmina Al-Qaisi on wails
Tina Klatte on interviews
Ralf Wendt on concepts
Xentos Fray Bentos on fingers
Felix Kubin on electro-voice
Knut Aufermann on disruption
Sarah Washington on cut-ups

The live interviewees were:
Hardi Kurda, Lukas Holfeld, Marold Langer-Philippsen, Ernst Marcus Stein, Claire Serres, Julia Drouhin, and Gabi Schaffner
The show also featured a host of voices reanimated from the six weeks of festival broadcasts, with a little P-noodling thrown in for good measure

This Mobile Radio production gives thanks to all the contributors, D21 for the invitation and ∏-node for the streams… MERRY NEW RADIO!

BERLIN/KASSEL June – July 2017

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Design: Laurenz Brunner

For the documenta 14 radio programme Every Time A Ear di Soun, from 17th June – 8th July 2017, Mobile Radio produced 41 shows and two installations at SAVVY gallery in Berlin. The shows were broadcast on FM 103.0 MHz in Berlin, FM 90.4 MHz in Kassel and online, as well as intermittedly via short wave on 15560 kHz. Our daily radio productions consisted of two parts: a prerecorded morning show (Radiaphiles), and a live afternoon show (Render: live).

In Radiaphiles, Mobile Radio offer an overview of independent and not-for-profit community, ‘free’, campus, and pirate stations who provide a wealth of material and perspectives outside of the mainstream media orthodoxy. This series constitutes a major retrospective of the work of the radio art network Radia, whose collective mission is to make radio that transcends the borders and boundaries of land and language. Mobile Radio visit each station in turn to discern their motives and inspirations, and explore the work of one of their associated artists. Produced with support from Goethe Institut. Click on ‘Up Next’ in player to access all episodes.

In Render: live, a treasure trove of personal archives were opened for artistic exploration. Every day Mobile Radio delved deep into a collection of artefacts and memories and rendered them into radiophonic form: cassettes, minidiscs, vinyl, tape and conceptual works smothered in the hiss of time. Special guest appearances rendered these guidelines obsolete and opened the door to other forms of live radio shenanigans.

Some of the live events were also captured on video:

We also exhibited two installations at the gallery:

Savvy Funk 1553

A photo of Sarah’s installation Under the Hood – Clingradio in situ, taken by Anne Wellmer, whose photos of the Savvy Funk project you can find here.

MUNICH January 2012

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The Munich improvisers ensemble ICI invited us as guests to take part in their week-long festival: ICI Konzepte & Improvisationen at the venue Schwere Reiter (Heavy Riders).

We visited on the Thursday evening to watch the fun – GEWÜRFELTE STÜCKE (dice-throw pieces). The evening was split into two groups of musicians; each member played within a set of 6 rules in a series of pieces with varied instructions. The audience were invited to either throw the dice randomly or select specific numbers: to dictate which rule each musician should play, and for how long

We joined in on the Friday evening – FREUNDLICHE ÜBERNAHME (friendly takeover). The first half was based around a composed new music piece performed by the ‘piano possibile’ ensemble. It was played five times over with pauses in between, accompanied by free improvisation from the rest of us. The second half was a group improvisation along with the Portuguese singer Mafalda de Lemos. Photos by Christian Schallert

CONISTON October 2010

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Wine tasting for Grizedale Arts, Octopus and Coniston residents
We paid another visit to Adam Sutherland at Lawson Park to arrange the last details of a wine tasting that Grizdale Arts hosted for us at the John Ruskin Institute, otherwise known as Coniston Library

We wanted to see if we could impart more than one flavour of the Mosel valley to the people of the Lakes. We showed pictures and told stories from our wine village Ürzig whilst introducing a sample range of the complex Riesling grape, transporting a little of the atmosphere of the wine mountains and river to the fells and lakes. We also introduced the audience to the concept of combining abstract music and wine by showing an excerpt of our Vinosonic concert at the Mosel. The Grizedale team provided excellent stew and dumplings which were the perfect damp autumn accompaniment. Comparing the two contrasting locations of rural German wine country and the Lake District we unearthed parallels that bond the regions, such as the slate rock which heavily influences both architecture and agriculture. The force of water in varying manifestations has an inordinate effect on both communities, but when it is transmuted into fine wine for us to share we all have a great time!