BRUSSELS April 2007

We were invited to oknopublic 03 to present our Mobile Radio project, to play a concert and to take part in a workshop. Participants were drawn from various types of networking projects across Europe.

The roof of okno with view of the Atomium was the site of a presentation about the local open wireless network

Sarah’s instruments for our streamed Tonic Train performance

While in Brussels we caught up with Maarten and his new project called Rotor in their self-built office half way up a spare wall… Sarah worked with Maarten a few years ago at the Jonctions/Verbindingen 8 festival when he had an amazing scrap-for-art recycling project called Bricolage Sans Frontier. Success had meant that storage became a major issue so he has begun a different enterprise where he acts as a go-between for big business with useful waste (such as car parts) and small producers who can transform the unwanted material. The office windows are made from sticky tape…

Festival coordinator Annemie and archivist/webstreamer Arjen at the end of oknopublic03

We manage to catch a performance of Brocante Sonore before we leave, complete with shoe-shine

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