After a long time planning by Mikkel Myer, our hosts Aux and Lab managed to secure a circuit bending workshop. The participants were extremely keen, the organization was superb, a workshop to end all workshops!

Bending toys and video mixer (don’t try the mixer at home, before some proper research on the net…)

A few of the extra components so lovingly provided

Bend on the radio take one. Everyone was interviewed by a journalist from the cultural channel of Danish state radio

Bend on the radio take two. Accompanied by our advocates from the workshop, Sarah and Knut are invited to play as Tonic Train live on the Saturday morning show of the most popular channel in Copenhagen. Squashed between Tina Turner and Earth Wind and Fire we manage 28 seconds of improvised bleeping noise to one million people, before the DJ intervenes….

The joy of so many toys

Equipment organizer and one of the resident experts Michael, hard at work on one of his many instruments

Mikkel’s drum baby

The second rehearsal of the Copenhagen Electronic Orchestra. Our workshop was designed to lead up to a performance on the last evening, with each person playing an instrument they built during the previous few days. Knut instructed the group in improvisation and conduction techniques. They have already been offered a second gig at a festival in Sweden in September 2007, giving them a nice incentive to keep rehearsing and building instruments

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