ÜRZIG June 2014

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Mobile Radio teamed up with Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos for an improvised radio play broadcast from a white bench high up in our local red slate vineyard, the Ürziger Würzgarten. Being off-grid meant that everything was battery operated and wireless, using the 3G network to beam our stream to our host radio station: Soundart Radio in Totnes, UK. The performance itself was old-school, everything had to be done live in front of a single stereo microphone. Foley instruments included various types of slate, plastic bottles, sticks, circuit bent instruments, iPhone sample app, crows, military aircraft, thumb piano, fm tx and rx feedback, percussion instruments, live air band radio, paper etc.

setting up at the white bench (photo by Xentos)

in performance high above the river Mosel...

...following an unknown script... (photo by Xentos)

...until dusk. (photo by Xentos)

BREMEN June 2014

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Mobile Radio was invited to Radio As Art in Bremen to broadcast the conference and give a talk. We provided a conference radio live stream that ran for 48 hours, broadcasting all the talks as well as extra interviews, chats, commentary and two night-long radio art specials. We were very lucky that Soundart Radio, Wave Farm Radio/WGXC 90.7-FM, Radio Papesse and Phaune Radio decided to relay our stream to their listeners both on air and online.

Sarah was a participant in the conference panel discussion and also contributed a talk on ‘Community Radio as Post-Capitalist Art’ which is archived above.

Andreas Hagelüken, Elisabeth Zimmermann, Sarah Washington, Regine Beyer, Nathalie Singer, Anna Ramos

During the breaks contributors and visitors would find their way to the Mobile Radio table at the back of the conference room to enhance the experience for listeners around the world. It would be nice if all interesting conferences had a conference radio! The rest of the talks were also recorded and should be published soon on the conference website.

Anna Friz and Hank Bull chat with us at the Mobile Radio table. Photo by Elisabeth Zimmermann

sonic intervention by Cologne university students

Radio Picnic by Ralf Homann - a 1/4" tape spool unravels

View from the Mobile Radio table

LONDON May 2014

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Ed Baxter invited us to our very first appearance as part of the Resonance Radio Orchestra in his work Sketch for Ascent and Descent

This was a live performance at the Science Museum in London on the opening day of the exhibition ‘The Exponential Horn: In Search of Perfect Sound’, on 19th May 2014. The audience experienced the performance through the Exponential Horn, a full-size reconstruction of the giant 8 meter long ‘Denman horn’ from the 1930s, which is the centrepiece of an art installation by Aleksander Kolkowski. (Open until 27 July 2014)

The line-up for the Resonance Radio Orchestra on this occasion was:
Ed Baxter (text, score, electric bass), Dudley Sutton (voice), Adam Bushell (vibraphone), Peter Lanceley (electric guitar, voice), Chris Weaver, Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann (electronics)

Photos: Jennie Hills, Science Museum

GIESSEN May 2014

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Gabi Schaffner and Pit Schultz’ Datscharadio combines two future proof activities: fm radio and gardening. We called on them in their converted caravan that was parked in the grounds of the State Garden Show in Gießen, Germany. Sarah revisited 40 year old bird song recordings she had inherited from her father and Knut made everybody whistle and hum, including Gabi, Pit and guest artist Sylvie Arnaud. In return we got sunshine, local cider and tulips.