ÜRZIG June 2014

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Mobile Radio teamed up with Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos for an improvised radio play broadcast from a white bench high up in our local red slate vineyard, the Ürziger Würzgarten. Being off-grid meant that everything was battery operated and wireless, using the 3G network to beam our stream to our host radio station: Soundart Radio in Totnes, UK. The performance itself was old-school, everything had to be done live in front of a single stereo microphone. Foley instruments included various types of slate, plastic bottles, sticks, circuit bent instruments, iPhone sample app, crows, military aircraft, thumb piano, fm tx and rx feedback, percussion instruments, live air band radio, paper etc.

setting up at the white bench (photo by Xentos)

in performance high above the river Mosel...

...following an unknown script... (photo by Xentos)

...until dusk. (photo by Xentos)


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Radio Party with Tetsuo Kogawa for the festival Funk Now hosted by Radio Blau
Tetsuo has been hosting radio parties for a number of years. His use of ever-changing media technologies enable him to connect with collaborators around the globe. We contribute from our base in Ürzig via Skype

Naturally we baked something for the party, this time a blueberry cornbread. We always seem to want to eat or drink something for Tetsuo when we have our online gatherings, trying to shoehorn a sensual experience into the virtual world

We chat to Tetsuo and his Radio Blau hosts about goodness knows what


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RadiaLx: Pancake Live Transmission
Every two years Rádio Zero in Lisbon hold the radio art festival RadiaLx. Knut loves to make pancakes, so along with Ricardo Reis we decided to cook them simultaneously in Lisbon and Ürzig for a live festival ‘duocast’. For this stereo broadcast, one location could be heard on the left channel and the other on the right

Pancake Live Transmission set-up in Ürzig

Pancake Live Transmission set-up in Lisbon, using binaural headphone microphones

Pancake chat with our guest in Ürzig, Susanne Schug. In both locations we were blessed with an array of home-made preserves