We staged Vinosonic 3 at the Weingartenfest of Rita and Rudolf Trossen. The flyer stated: “…für jeden Wein eine eigene Klangwelt…” (for each wine its own soundworld)

We borrowed the title (with permission) from the 2009 Chicago event Vinosonic, where wines were matched with acousmatic pieces. Knut sent over a piece to be played there as it neatly coincided with our own plans to pair wine with sound.
In our events we play short improvised pieces for specific Mosel wines. We taste with the audience and that sets the mood for a short tribute to each wine. Then the winemaker Rudolf Trossen entertains the audience with tales about life, the universe and the wines. This time the audience complained that the music was too short…
Above photos by Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin

The Mosel with its vineyards and a splendid table to play on by Aaron Scheuer, whose workshop can be seen directly across the river in Kinheim

In the wine hall there was an exhibition of paintings and objects from Eike Gall and various pieces of furniture made from wine barrels by Aaron of Ragit

As this event was at the winery, we played only Trossen wines. These were:
2007 VON DER LAY Riesling Spätlese trocken
2011 TROSSEN ROT ZERO unfiltered and without sulphur
2004 PYRAMIDE Riesling Spätlese feinherb
2008 VON DER LAY Riesling Spätlese fruchtig
2006 VON DER LAY Riesling Spätlese fruchtig

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