BATH March 2006

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Knut was invited to perform at Bath Spa University in a concert designed to showcase various approaches to making music using feedback systems.

Knut’s solo performance for feedback

WEYMOUTH March 2006

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We spent some time catching up with ourselves in Weymouth at Sarah’s family home.

Seagulls are always on the lookout for a spare chip

HAGEN March 2006

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We stop off at the Aufermann family’s modernist house to break our long train journey from Bratislava to the U.K.

All of the family except Knut are extremely green-fingered


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We had a wonderful time sleeping in a boat on the Danube and getting the locals started off with circuit bending at a workshop which was run by Itchy Bit and funded by the British Council. Everyone in the workshop had a keen passion to develop their own electronic instruments and worked hard to create deivces to play at the closing concert.

Getting stuck in during four days of industrious activity

The concert poster was developed in the spirit of the workshop

Listen to

Some of the Orkesta performing their new instruments. They almost didn’t stop playing…..

VIENNA March 2006

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We stayed a few days in Vienna with our friends Billy and Dieter to play a concert and do some recording for a project with Billy.

Tonic Train concert at Raum 35, the former institute for transacoustic research.

BRNO March 2006

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Thanks to our fantastic hosts Ivan and Anna we can stay for a night in Brno and surprise Phil Minton and Veryan Weston at their gig with 4 Walls in town.

Upgrading Ivan’s contact mic for his knitting machine.

PRAGUE March 2006

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With only a few days left in Prague we finalize the design of a new circuit-bent instrument and spend a day with Lloyd and Kaoru in the beautiful surroundings of Prague.

The unfinished and yet unnamed new instrument.

Stream near Srbsko.

MUNICH February 2006

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During our weekend break in Munich Sarah DJed at Knut’s sister’s 40th birthday party.

We also managed to meet up with our musical collaborators of Violet Cab.

Michael Feller, Knut, Sarah + Gunter Pretzel

PRAGUE February 2006

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Back in Prague we collaborated with the Tape-Beatles, Martin Blazicek, Ondrej Vavrecka, Patricia Guerreiro, Milos Vojtechovsky and Pavel Sterec in an evening filling performance at the Skolska 28 gallery.

Still from a premiered Tape Beatles film.


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We were invited for a short trip to Bremen to take part in a radio workshop, and to produce two shows for a five day FM broadcast called Schwankungen.

From our hotel room we played a short concert over the phone for a radio party at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in New Plymouth, New Zealand that was organized by Tetsuo Kogawa.

PRAGUE January 2006

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We have arrived in Prague to begin our two month residency at the Open
in Dolni Pocernice. It took us a couple of days to catch up with
ourselves, after a lengthy yet fantastic journey through the alps. Now we can
take it all in Prague is inviting, enigmatic and energetic (in a slow way).
We have already been hunting for old and new electronics at the flea market,
and are beginning work on some new instruments. What a joy to have a big studio
room to work and live in.

Eating outdoors at minus 2 degrees – Flea market Prague style!

Our visits to the fleamarket were successful. The bending can begin…

As part of the January 2006 Arts Birthday Party events in Prague we played in our duo Tonic Train, and had the opportunity to collaborate with the Tape Beatles and Martin Blazicek on a sound and image performance. Along with telephone contributions from Jonathan Bohman in London and Svea Reiners in Germany we also took part the collaborative radio presentation Places/Anagram, an improvised radio play based on a game, which was streamed on Lemurie. In total there were 5 days of events, the highlight of which was the Mini Radio Burza Radiophonic Potlach which featured a fantastic programme of performances put together by Orange 94.0 in Vienna and Milos Vojtichovsky in Prague as part of the Radia network’s radio.territories project. Another great performance was made by z.b.: … , an all-singing all-dancing sound art act from Vienna. Details of the above events and performers can be found in the Arts Birthday Party programme.

Tonic Train meet the Tape Beatles

Listen to

Listen to

z.b.: in full swing

SIAT January 2006

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We spent New Year with friends up in Siat, Switzerland at 4330ft. It is more beautiful than we could have imagined. A wolf was spotted in the village last year but we haven’t met one yet, just one of the local cats who loves to play in the snow.

Siat nestling in the deep snow.

Another view of the area, from a mountain walk to the next village.