WITTLICH December 2011

“Schweine und Fische”

The artist Robert Dziendziol who lives in Ürzig asked us to play at the opening of his exhibition “Pigs and Fish” at the county council offices of Bernkastel-Wittlich. The town of Wittlich is famous for its annual Pig-burning Fair (that’s the direct translation of the name), and Robert partnered them with fish after reading the Richard Wilhelm interpretation of the I Ching which states that pigs and fish are the least intelligent of animals: and thus the most difficult to influence.

Here is Robert with one of his ceramic works: The Fifth Eye

The event was very well attended, especially by fellow villagers from Ürzig who turned out to support their local artists – and to finally find our what on earth it is we all get up to! Photo Theresia Wilhelms

The bizarre circumstance of playing a concert in a 1970s-style public building foyer. However, when buzzing with people the room warmed to us, and we to it. Who’d have thought that we would be so naturally embraced on our adopted home turf, which at times appears to be as anti-cosmopolitan as you can imagine?

And the greatest thing was… the chance to debut our new instrument ‘The Master’ built with the assistance of electronics whiz Georg Laska, in his Ürzig workshop

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