LINDAU June 2006

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We spent some sunny and stormy weeks at the Bodensee (Lake Constance) visiting Knut’s friend Svea

The almost island of Lindau from one of our boat trips on the lake

MUNICH May 2006

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We went Munich to take part in Anselm Caminada’s project Short Frites at the underpass venue ZKMax

The band: Anselm Caminada, Judith Egger, Børre Mølstad and Sarah Washington

The engineer & feedback meister Knut Aufermann

We took the opportunity to do a recording session at Plan Blue with our sometime collaborators Gunter Pretzel and Michael Feller. Happily, Børre Mølstad was able to join us before his flight back to Norway and…….

The Bosch Experience was born (I didn’t want to let Børre go to the airport!)

LISBON May 2006

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Void of abstract entertainment we rushed back to Lisbon for a gig hosted by Granular – the local sound performance scene, plus visting artists.

Noid + Vitor Joaquim, battling against an amusing karaoke act in the neighbouring building


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We hired a car for a week of touring around rural Portugal, heading east from Lisbon and then to the far north of the country

One of our favourite places was the hilltop bolder village of Monsanto. Hovering above the unbelievable constructions of the cottages is the most wonderful ruined castle, empty during our visit, and a high enough vantage point above the plains for Knut to be knocked out by the sight of four eagles circling just below him.

To our further amazement we discovered the studio and museum of Radio Clube de Monsanto, and were given a tour by station director Dr. Joaquim Fonseca (pictured). Much better equiped than Resonance we thought, complete with a hugh antenna at the castle, how about a friendly takeover?


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Mobile Radio in Lisbon. We came here for a week-long Radia meeting – a network of like-minded independent radios from across Europe. One of the extracurricular events hosted by Radio Zero was a concert at ZDB, at which we played as Tonic Train vs Xentos. We were not in a hurry to leave Lisbon, luckily we had a few weeks before our next project.

Spot the alien. Warming up with Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos

Tetsuo Kogawa asked us to give a live lecture via the internet to Tokyo Keizai University, which we decided to do as live radio show from the studio of Radio Zero in Lisbon. The combination of show and internet lecture wasn’t entirely successful due to technical hitches, Knut had to type the lecture in real time due to the voice connection failing, while I tried with slim success to keep the radio show alive….

However, the students in Tokyo much appreciated our live Tonic Train performance

We did another Tonic Train perfromance at a house concert for the radio rocket scientist Ricardo Reis. His unsuspecting friends proved to be enthusiastic about the strange visitors

Catharina keeps a smile on his face. A warm thanks to our marvelous host – the real Ricardo Reis

PARIS April 2006

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We stop off for two nights to visit Knut’s old friend Matthias and to break the long train journey to Portugal.

Dinah and Jean Phillipe host a fantastic and hilarious radio meal

Much fun en route to Lisbon on the night train, including a wobbly ‘Dinner for One’ style waiter in the dining car. Portugal is green and gorgeous in the morning

LONDON April 2006

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During our stay in London we played a house concert for John Wall and friends in John’s studio. The tiny room was completely full with the addition of eight audience members, who offered a welcoming and gentle atmosphere.

Making a mess on the studio floor……

John and Kay looking forward to the next crop

News travels fast in the Resonance studio – great to catch up with Richard, Tom and the rest of the gang

Knut enjoys playing in the London Improvisers Orchestra again. Terry Day was in full swing…