GLASGOW February 2008

The second night of the Self-Cancellation tour was held at The Arches underneath Glasgow central station. It was part of the Instal festival of experimental music, sound and performance. Other Self-cancellation events were going on such as seminars and a discussion at The Glasgow School of Art

Sarah’s double helping of ear protection, to ensure that she couldn’t hear herself playing

Lee Patterson, Benedict Drew, Rhodri Davies and John Butcher at the rehearsals

Chris Weaver and John Bain compare devices

The remains of Rhodri’s destroyed harp

Robin Hayward, who performed a piece whilst his tuba filled up with sand

Michael Colligan happy to be messing with dry ice and hot metal

Mark Bain at the main board piling up an intense building vibration, an earth tremor in sound guided by himself and John Bain

Arika organizer Barry Esson debriefs with LMC organizer Ben Drew

Mystical goings on at The Glasgow School of Art with the luminescent hand of John Bain and Arika’s wistful Bryony McIntyre

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