MUNICH November 2007

We are invited to give a circuit-bending workshop as part of the festival A=V *AUDIBLEIMAGE=VISIBLESOUND* run by Natalia Borissova

We decide to focus entirely on radio hacking in the workshop – turning old radios into electronic instruments

A parallel workshop was run by Andrey Smirnov and Givan Bela (pictured standing) concentrating on many uses of theremin sensors in combination with self-programmed Max patches

The soldering table saw plenty of frantic action, as the participants made full use of the little time available to get their wonderful instruments performance-ready

When needs must – a bit of gaffer tape always works wonders

The variety of sounds produced by the different radios, and the unique approaches to instrument design made for a rich outcome

After two evenings of rehearsal, the Munich RadioHacking Orchestra was ready for its premier to an appreciative audience. Particularly impressive was the anonymous woman who chortled throughout the half-hour set. She grasped a truth – a lot of the sounds are hilarious

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