COLOGNE December 2007

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Sarah is invited to the radio studio of Köln Campus to offer her favourite 5 tracks of 2007

The host, Tinka Koch checks out Sarah’s scary choices from The Art of the Gremlin, a CD she curated for Leonardo Music Journal

MUNICH November 2007

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We are invited to give a circuit-bending workshop as part of the festival A=V *AUDIBLEIMAGE=VISIBLESOUND* run by Natalia Borissova

We decide to focus entirely on radio hacking in the workshop – turning old radios into electronic instruments

A parallel workshop was run by Andrey Smirnov and Givan Bela (pictured standing) concentrating on many uses of theremin sensors in combination with self-programmed Max patches

The soldering table saw plenty of frantic action, as the participants made full use of the little time available to get their wonderful instruments performance-ready

When needs must – a bit of gaffer tape always works wonders

The variety of sounds produced by the different radios, and the unique approaches to instrument design made for a rich outcome

After two evenings of rehearsal, the Munich RadioHacking Orchestra was ready for its premier to an appreciative audience. Particularly impressive was the anonymous woman who chortled throughout the half-hour set. She grasped a truth – a lot of the sounds are hilarious

BERLIN November 2007

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There were several connected things to do in Berlin as part of the project Berlin Backyard Radio. We had a radio commission to produce, a concert to give and a Radia meeting to attend

Within the inspired atmosphere of “something going on” that bootlab offer in Berlin, the Radia (radio network) meeting produced the usual intense discussions

Tetsuo Kogawa offers an enthralling performance building small FM radio transmitters….

…. and engaging them in an intense dance. After his solo we play a trio with him, knitting circuit bending, feedback and radio into an indissoluble bond

As a group, Radia is invited to take part in a radio programme by the New York project Neurotransmitter who had a radio residency in Berlin. Because we are a group who are encouraging the subversion of the standard broadcast set-up, we gave them a bit of a rough ride in the beginning. However, it turned out that much fun was had by one and all

Our Berlin Backyard Radio / / bootlab hosts Pit Schultz and Diana McCarty

BRUSSELS October 2007

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We are asked to produce an epic live Radia event for the festival Radiophonic 2007. There were many other events taking place over the four days, a few of which are documented below

The setting of Les Brigittines was magnificent – the old and the new building are connected internally and bridged by a very old bell

Festival coordinator Irvic D’Olivier talks with Silvain Gire from ARTE Radio

The Bing Selfish Radio Show in full swing

‘La femme sans visage’ radio drama directed live by Clément Laloy

Phil Minton gave a magnificent solo performance

Our project was called Radioactive Radiophony, and it involved receiving live streams from Radia member stations around the world which we ‘contaminated’ in Brussels before sending the stream back to them for broadcast.
Here we see the Radia back-room crew, with Ricardo Reis playing Communication Chief

Our show lasted 4 hours. During this time each station would send us a 20 minute broadcast from their studio. Our team of contaminators was on hand to react to the incoming streams.
Above is Dinah Bird – our continuity storyteller, with Anna Friz and Jean-Philippe Renoult poised for real-time contamination

Our contamination toolkit, for guests to add some foley action to the proceedings

Contaminators Jacques Foschia and Ricardo Reis

We also had some live music as part of our radio event, here is the excellent La Brocante Sonore, who were partially contaminated by some sweet music from Marseilles. The combination of the two things in the church was awesome, giving a unique atmosphere

It seems it wasn’t enough to run the radio show – we also played as Tonic Train, contaminated by Roland Wouters of Martiens Go Home

One last thing to do before we leave Brussels. Jacques Foschia organized a concert for us, which turned into a collaboration with La Brocante Sonore. This is our score for the various combinations of musicians. Some joker added a section at the end – whatever happened to Harry and Jane?

La Brocante Sonore perform the middle fifteen. The member missing from the picture is active with amplified and acoustic shoeshine (see above photo for the shoeshine chair)